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Thanks guys on the attention as I was never sure of those middle digits. If you look at my posts you see I do like to get details on the aircraft when posting. Generally, if FA does not have all the info, I go to Google and then on to FAA Registry for some info if needed. OK...long live the 1967 Cessna 150G, all 2,114 of them.

Written on 20/05/2019 by warmwynds

andre belleau, you were correct the first time, it's a 1967 Cessna 150G, and the N number is N3084S.

Written on 20/05/2019 by jim gevay

Awesome capture Steve!

Written on 20/05/2019 by Kobe Hunte

2015年07月02日撮影・RJCJ 機種Boeing747-47C Japan Airself-Defense Force

Written on 20/05/2019 by katumasa tanaka

I correct, Skyhawk

Written on 20/05/2019 by andré belleau

Great photo. Best way to fly!

Written on 20/05/2019 by R.G. Crawford

expired airworthiness Jan 2014. Probably won't make Oshkosh this year

Written on 20/05/2019 by 96flstc

I do not think this Cessna is a Skywhak 172 i think it's a 150-G and the ID is not N3884S it's N3004S

Written on 20/05/2019 by andré belleau

Always professional shots at TLPL, Miss Vee!

Written on 20/05/2019 by C.W. Reed

Keep those great shots coming, Manuel! A Hug back!

Written on 20/05/2019 by C.W. Reed

This is one of many aircraft my father flew while in the Air Force. As I remember him talking about it, the "Ol' Shakey" moniker came from a tremendous vibration that occurred when set in climb power. Said it was pretty alarming when you first encountered it but you got used to it.

Written on 20/05/2019 by Neil Klapthor

Anytime those great opportunities come up, Mr Reed

Written on 20/05/2019 by Angel Vee

CW Reed Thank you, Regards - A Hug

Written on 20/05/2019 by Manuel EstevezR

There's no air like NAVAIR!

Written on 20/05/2019 by David Seider

5* in spite of being a Minnesota Wild fan...

Written on 20/05/2019 by David Seider

Glad you enjoy the pics, Chris! Hoosier Cheers!!

Written on 20/05/2019 by C.W. Reed

@marylou anderson:
They're different birds... compare the markings on the vertical stabilizer and on the aft fuselage.

Written on 20/05/2019 by David Seider

@Gary Schenauer:
Continuing on in the direction that Mr. Tom Vance was going... It is my somewhat informed understanding that callsigns, such as "Undra" in this case, are bestowed upon a person relatively early in their flying career. From that time on it is so much an integral part of you that it might as well be entered in your service record. Your callsign will follow you more faithfully than a lost puppy.
"Undra" is RADM Cheever's call sign, and I'm sure that he wears it with pride.
A couple of memorable callsigns that I recall from my NAVAIR days were "Soup" Campbell and "Fudge" Packer.
Yeah. Really and truly. Snapped photos of them as proof!

Written on 20/05/2019 by David Seider

Saw it yesterday at KBAD airshow. Likely the same one.

Written on 20/05/2019 by Tyler Gage

Roger that!

Written on 20/05/2019 by Bob Sheppard

Up close on this Boeing a/c, Gary!!! Thanks for sharing it with us... :-)

Written on 20/05/2019 by cliff731

Cssey... no doubt you made the recent "Defenders of Liberty Air & Space Show" at Barksdale AFB...!!!

Written on 20/05/2019 by cliff731

I remember seeing similar Lockheed Neptune aircraft stationed at RAAF Richmond in 1958 when I was about ten years old. They fascinated me and set my interest in aircraft from that time.

Written on 20/05/2019 by Tony Ward

Looks sad and neglected. This Sundowner needs to be flown!

Written on 20/05/2019 by Michael Gower

N201UU? N201UW is a Mooney.

Written on 20/05/2019 by Michael Gower

This was not taken at Petaluma. Does not snow here.

Written on 19/05/2019 by av8rdav


Written on 19/05/2019 by Ron Harper

My first 747 flight was on BA from London Heathrow, "City of Kensington", then a stop for fast food at Shannon, Ireland; because, the food service workers' for BA were on strike; then, on to Miami airport.
Saw a girl I new from elementary school thru high school on the flight, Jennifer Witherspoon.
Where is she now?

Written on 19/05/2019 by ROBERT MILLS JR

QF: Seems to be a target drone per the "QF" but for the GIF & GIB in their seats.

Written on 19/05/2019 by ROBERT MILLS JR

Looks like it was just put into service!

Written on 19/05/2019 by ROBERT MILLS JR

@Mike Prendergast: It's for Southern Air, which is owned by Atlas.

Written on 19/05/2019 by Cbro4

Hi Gary!
Wow! I know you have a lot of stops already, but a side trip to KFAT (on the way to Lemoore) and maybe KCMA might be good spotting locations if you can work them in. I'm very impressed as is though! Hoosier Cheers!!

Written on 19/05/2019 by C.W. Reed

Hey, Uwe and C.W. >>> Howdy, guys. I'm just back from the week-long photo trip around NV and northern CA and I get a couple days rest before leaving again this Thursday for another week-long road trip thru central and southern Cal. First stop this Thursday will be SUU and then on to SJC. Will also be visiting NAS Lemoore, Paso Robles, LAX, Palm Springs, and the Jedi Transition (Panamint). Getting back here just in time for a week-long shoot at the PRS and after that another full day at a military base. I'm home (FINALLY) on June 13th. Exhausting --- but AWESOME!! (Wave)

Written on 19/05/2019 by Gary Schenauer

Chris ... No problem, my friend. I'm a bit knowledgeable of UA's info during the 60s because I was born and raised in Buffalo, and back in my teen years (the 60s) UA, AA, and EA were the three national carriers serving Buffalo. I (sort of) "lived" at Buffalo's Airport thru the 60s until I enlisted. (Grin - Until recently, I still had a ton of airlines timetable booklets. And I can still specifically remember ... the counter agents at Mohawk, American, Eastern, and Allegheny would just smile and give a Thumbs Up when we'd go up and grab the newest timetable from the counter, but the counter gals at United would get upset and insist we put them back because "those cost money to print and they are for paying passengers." So, we'd just go up to someone standing in the check-in line and ask that "paying passenger" to grab one. Then, after the pax had checked his / her bags and gotten a boarding pass, we'd just meet them and get our new timetable.) Anyway, that's why I know about the Friendship livery. UA had a "Fly the Friendly Skies" slogan and the Friendship livery was introduced to reinforce that sales slogan.

And a PS to my last sentence: Now that the brand new United livery has been unveiled and is "in the skies" (as of last month), I'm hearing that United may be resurrecting that old slogan and might again be advertising for people to "Fly the Friendly Skies." I suppose if they do that, then we can refer to it as the "Retro Slogan" because that's the slogan they were using over 50 years ago. And BTW, I'm glad UA has adopted new paint. Can't wait to snap one of their fleetbirds wearing it.

Written on 19/05/2019 by Gary Schenauer

I just caught that it is D-AIXM, sorry for the mistake and time it took for me to correct.

Written on 19/05/2019 by Danny Goode

Excellent catch!including the barge with tug in the back ground! Thank you, Miss Vee!

Written on 19/05/2019 by C.W. Reed

Not a Challenger. E55P

Written on 19/05/2019 by rick winters

I agree with Uwe!!

Written on 19/05/2019 by C.W. Reed

perfect Gary!!!

Written on 19/05/2019 by Uwe Zinke

I had a teacher in high school who flew these out of Hanscom AFB with the Air National Guard back in the early '70s. It could have been this one!

Written on 19/05/2019 by David Restrick

An absolutely gorgeous looking heavybird.

Written on 19/05/2019 by Gary Schenauer

The Wiki says otherwise :)

Written on 19/05/2019 by a mentor

If only KSBN was served by "Speedbird".....

Written on 19/05/2019 by C.W. Reed

I myself forgot that the "friend ship" livery was early 1970's. Gary S. has a LOT of knowledge! Cheers!!

Written on 19/05/2019 by C.W. Reed


This and the Alaska photos are great. Where did you spot from? I took this same plane yesterday on final from the north and will be posting yesterday's outing soon. This angle can be achieved from Ft. Mifflin and Governor Printz Park but to hit that terrific sun angle boggles me.

Written on 19/05/2019 by warmwynds

HFF's DC-3 was delivered in 1944 as a C-47B from the Douglas plant at Long Beach, CA.
During WW II, she served in Asia flying supplies over the Himalayas (The Hump) to the Chinese.

Written on 19/05/2019 by Hans Toorens

A mentor... The A-6A A-6B and A-6E were prowler. The EA-6A EA-6B werr growler.

Written on 19/05/2019 by sam kuminecz

太田 知明さんコメント有難うございました。冬でも一番寒い厳冬期だったので大気が澄んでいて、雪の白色と機体の赤色がより鮮明に見えたのかもしれません。

Written on 19/05/2019 by katumasa tanaka


Written on 19/05/2019 by Chris Partin


Written on 19/05/2019 by Chris Partin

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