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In 2013, when N194UA arrived in Reno, it had had a change of clothing and looked much better in its new garb. My other photo here in FA's gallery shows how it looked then.

Written on 10/04/2021 by Gary Schenauer

I can almost hear those RB-211's! Sweet shot.

Written on 10/04/2021 by Bill Snowden

Yep! I want one.

Written on 10/04/2021 by Bill Snowden

My new screensaver!

Written on 10/04/2021 by Bill Snowden

I always liked both of the AWE liveries. I'm glad AA resurrected this scheme to use as a heritage special, but I do wish they would paint one of their fleetbirds in the other AWE paint scheme too.

Written on 10/04/2021 by Gary Schenauer

Sexy livery

Written on 10/04/2021 by anthony geinopolos

to the left of the S3 (from this POV) is an F-18 where the ordnance is located. The latest and greatest still being deployed today.

Written on 10/04/2021 by a mentor

Nicely done!!!

Written on 10/04/2021 by daniel jef

who knows, you may be looking at another Pancho Barnes or Jacqueline Cochran

Written on 10/04/2021 by a mentor

Just an fyi, This is an ERJ-145XR

Written on 10/04/2021 by michaelrudo


Written on 10/04/2021 by Georges Passereau

Don, that's how they make the windmills turn....

Written on 10/04/2021 by Bill Butler

All retired now. Like everything I flew or sailed in, they are either museums or razor blades! But a great memory photo. Real aircraft (A-6s), on a pre-launch deck (loading Rockeye Mk-2.). I would say probably off Iran/Iraq.

Written on 10/04/2021 by Bill Butler

thank you!

Written on 10/04/2021 by Uwe Zinke


Written on 10/04/2021 by Fabian Dirscherl

Great shot of the classic and massive F4. My Dad used to frequently comment on how the loaded weight of the Phantom was similar to the combat weight of the B24J Liberator that he flew in 1944. And the Liberator had a wingspan of 110 feet!

Written on 10/04/2021 by CHRIS ROBEY

Airborne mosquitoe Flogger!!

Thank Vlad.

Written on 10/04/2021 by Rick Wald

beautiful blue

Written on 10/04/2021 by john cook

Who you looking at?

Written on 10/04/2021 by john cook

Gary what are you doing at ground level?
Good shot.
Looks like we'll be at Red Rock this year.
How about you?

Written on 10/04/2021 by john cook


Written on 10/04/2021 by Hans Slagmulder

I just love these old girls, great memories of the flying kangaroo!

Written on 10/04/2021 by Tim Doran


Written on 10/04/2021 by john cook

That would make a great shot for the sales Brochures?

Written on 10/04/2021 by john cook

Thank you Jim, arigato!

Written on 10/04/2021 by terrycn

Hugh Jordan **New Airforce One**

Written on 10/04/2021 by Butch Hollingsworth

Well said Hugh Jorgan

Written on 09/04/2021 by f1kortum

Yes you are right we should let our children begin at an early age. Thank You
I Promised to take her to Fly on her 4th Birthday and I kept my Promise. She’s loved it so much that now she flies and accompanies me to fix the Airplanes.

Written on 09/04/2021 by Jose Correa

That's a 737-800, not a 787. The 787 has no wingtips, but it's wings stretch up during takeoff and flight, and huge compared to the 737. It's Windows don't look as sharp. Then look at the engine's, it got points at the back, called chevrons. Those make the plane quieter and more efficient. Well, there's your lesson for the day!
Nice shot! I like the CRJ in the background

Written on 09/04/2021 by Tyler Barr

Great shot, but picture must be a few years old? The A/EA-6's and Lockheed S-3 are all retired now?

Written on 09/04/2021 by adelma

Nice formation - plus the camera plane. Well done!

Written on 09/04/2021 by adelma

They use the PC12 in Western Australia and also in South Australia. But not in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria or Tasmania.

Written on 09/04/2021 by CHRIS ROBEY


Written on 09/04/2021 by James Simms

Just dancing on the clouds. Very nice Mr. Roberts

Written on 09/04/2021 by iffmode4

Dave, Darryl, & Uwe ... TY again, guys. Hey, Uwe, I received those great pics. Watch for a reply from me.
Robert & Paul ... Hi, and many Thanks to both of you. I very much appreciate your kind comments.
Dicky11 ... They are green, but they won't stay that way very long. When the snow melts, the moisture seeps in to the ground but only a few inches. The sage and other vegetation on the hills is very shallow-rooted. So it gets green, but the ground dries out quickly and the vegetation turns yellow. And stays yellow. But in THIS particular pic, there is a second "reason" it looks so "green." I was experimenting with my camera. It has a Feature (a setting) that allows the photog to specify one color to be "highlighted' in pics that are taken. To practice using that feature, I had specified "green" because I wanted to be sure the Army Chinook showed up in its actual color. I had not even given any thought to the hills in the background. Well, the camera did "highlight" the color green. So the green in the hills is a bit more "green" than it actually was. BUT, right now, the hills ARE green.
Marylou ... I notice you have commented again. First, let me say I am thinking it is I who should be Thanking You. I'm really thinking you have some connection to the military. And in that regard, let me make this offer ....
There is a small group of us who are FA members who share between ourselves via e/mail. I have a fairly short list that I send pics to. ** I send to each person individually via separate e/mails - no "group sends." And of the few names on that list, two of them are only interested in receiving military aircraft photos. Now, I don't "bomb" them with pics, but I do send two or three each month - and - as I said, to each in separate e/mails. I don't really know if they keep them or just look and delete, and either way is fine by me. Anyway, my point is ... if you would enjoy getting occasional pics of military metal (either of ANY of the 6 military branches OR of just NAVY or just MARINES or just COAST GUARD, etc.), send an e/m to The first reply from me will not contain a pic, but it will tell you to watch for an e/mail from another gmail address. Just thought I'd offer .... (Tip of my cap)

Written on 09/04/2021 by Gary Schenauer

Darryl .... TY again, my friend. Glad you like it.
T .... The babies are born and active now. Fella I know "terminated" two "with prejudice" just last week. So, I still have a couple more to post from my four climbs prior to now, but from here on, RM is "off limits" to me until the end of June earliest.

Written on 09/04/2021 by Gary Schenauer

Alien, I've only done spotting at SJC three times. But, I'd definitely enjoy making a 4th trip there. I'm not too knowledgeable of the spotting positions there - the only one I really ever went to was where I clicked this pic from - top deck and northwest corner of the lot.
Darryl, this certainly was a super livery. I understand why ASA went thumbs down on renewing it but I wish they would do one like this again.

Written on 09/04/2021 by Gary Schenauer

RC-135W "Rivet Joint"; USAF Serial Number should be 62-4132

Per joebaugher dot com: -4132 (MSN 18472) converted in 1966 to RC-135M "Rivet Cord" and then in 1984 to RC-135W "Rivet Joint" electronic intelligence aircraft. With
763rd ERS, clocked its 50,000th flight hour Mar 12, 2008 during mission over Afghanistan.

SerNo 62-0132 was assigned to an AGM-28 Hound Dog missile.

Written on 09/04/2021 by David Seider

Darryl >>> Once again, my Thanks to you for your loyal viewing. Be Safe back there in my family's home turf. (Everyone in my family - except me - was born in Mass).
Doug >>> They fly over my place frequently (NAS Fallon is only 34 miles east of my place). I love hearing them go over and they come over so often my wife hears them coming and instantly IDs them as Hawkeyes. Hey, living near Oceana means you get to hear plenty of Navy a/c, right? Excellent!
Diana >>> Took me awhile to memorize the settings needed in order to get the props blurry while still getting the a/c crisp and sharp. TYVM for the comment and for viewing my pic. (Wave)
Marylou >>>> Active, Retired, Vet, Parent of, Spouse of, or Child of?? No matter which category, I love your patriotism - AND - I thank you for standing up for our country. Spouses and children of service members serve every bit as much as the military member; my wife and my sons can attest to that. And, Marylou, even if you aren't in any of the above categories, I Thank You anyways for being a citizen who stands tall and proudly for our military and our country. (Thumbs Up)
Adelma >>> And also an appreciative Thanx to you for viewing this snap and for your kind compli.
And themold >>> Indeed they do. Two years ago, I received a ph call from a lady at Northrop Grumman in Va. She was asking permission to use a couple of my E-2 pics on their annual 15-month calendar that gets distributed to every member of the US Congress (both houses). When the calendar went out, she sent me one (which I still have even tho it is now expired). Of the 15 photos in it, 13 were by official Navy photogs and two were by an amateur - me. In chatting with her, I learned exactly how far back Grumman and the Navy go back as a "team." And that partnership is continuing today. Thanks for viewing my click.

Written on 09/04/2021 by Gary Schenauer

The NAVY and GRUMMAN aircraft go way back. Good together!

Written on 09/04/2021 by themold

Departing to Salt Lake City (KSLC).

Written on 09/04/2021 by Gary Schenauer

I believe this is definitely not a CRJ

Written on 09/04/2021 by Ryan Klackle

Wow! Beautiful Shot!!

Written on 09/04/2021 by Robert Helms

I was tickled to see this, as I was the press foreman for the Glenwood Post in Glenwood Springs for several years back in the '80s...great place to live. Probably would still be there but then husband (one of the editors for that paper) had a wild hair and took a job at the Coloradoan in Ft. Collins.

Written on 09/04/2021 by Linda Nitzschke

Perfect shot.

Written on 09/04/2021 by Paul Gaudet

Great capture!

Written on 09/04/2021 by adelma

View from the 'pointy end'!! Excellent

Written on 09/04/2021 by adelma

Excellent - and she's only 75 years young!

Written on 09/04/2021 by adelma

Perfect capture - and details!

Written on 09/04/2021 by adelma

This photo is EXACTLY why both Russia and China wanted Vegetable Joe back in the Paris Climate Accord. They get to keep polluting WITHOUT RESTRICTIONS while the US pays TRILLIONS to help clean their act up. Brilliant!

Written on 09/04/2021 by Hugh Jorgan

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