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World’s largest aircraft Airlander 10 crashes In Cardington

The £25m airship collapsed to the ground in Cardington, Bedforshire, on Sunday (18 November) after it appeared to “break in two,” a witness told the BBC. It then deflated as it hit the ground. ( Altro...

A350-1000 nears Type Certification

The A350-1000 — the newest member of Airbus’s Widebody family of aircraft (— has successfully completed its Functional and Reliability testing, bringing the aircraft a step closer to Type Certification this month. ( Altro...

Beijing’s Capital Airlines begins Qingdao-London service

In recent years, Capital Airlines has accelerated the pace of its international expansion as demand grows for outbound travel. ( Altro...

Thomas Cook Airlines UK quietly retires its last two Boeing 767

Thomas Cook Airlines (UK) has quietly stopped operating its last two 326-seat Boeing 767-300s (G-DAJC and G-TCCB). Both aircraft have not operated since November 2, 2017 and are now parked at Manchester minus any titles. ( Altro...

Former United Airlines Pilot (and Houston Brothel Owner) Receives Probation and $2,000 Fine

Imagine having a great career as a pilot with United Airlines and being able to find the time between layovers to moonlight as a brothel owner in Houston. And not just one brothel, but a string of brothels. Well, that was the life of former United Airlines pilot Bruce Wayne Wallis until his 2015 arrest. But lucky for Wallis, he’s a white man whose plea deal got him a slap on the wrist after he admitted to engaging in organized criminal activity. ( Altro...

Delta, Korean Air Joint Venture Granted Approval by U.S. DOT

Today, Delta Air Lines and Korean Air took a significant step in the creation of their trans-Pacific joint venture with approval of the joint venture by the U.S. Department of Transportation. ( Altro...

Drama in the Desert: How Airbus’ A380 Deal in Dubai Evaporated

At the handover of the 100th A380 superjumbo to Gulf carrier Emirates earlier this month in Hamburg, Airbus SE rolled out the red carpet to airline executives and Dubai royalty, who in turn winked and nodded that another multi-billion-dollar order for the double-decker was on the cards. ( Altro...

Bringing airline experience into A350-1000 testing

Involvement of Cathay Pacific cockpit crews in simulator sessions provides valuable input ( Altro...


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