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How Boeing’s Responsibility in a Deadly Crash ‘Got Buried’

After a Boeing 737 crashed near Amsterdam more than a decade ago, the Dutch investigators focused blame on the pilots for failing to react properly when an automated system malfunctioned and caused the plane to plummet into a field, killing nine people. ( Altro...

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Swoop Is Now Adding $2.56 Surcharge To Offset Costs For Air Passenger Rights Rules

Over the course of 2019, Canada put into effect a series of new air passenger rights rules, but one of the concerns was that airlines would push back by increasing tickets prices. So said, so done. ( Altro...

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Competition for the airlines? Night trains are back on Belgian rails

Monday morning at Brussels-Midi, a night train (from Vienna) will be welcomed for the first time since the end of 2003, at the initiative of the Austrian national railway company ÖBB. ( Altro...

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Aviation executive urges Boeing to ditch ‘MAX’ name for future planes

The chairman of a large aircraft leasing firm wants Boeing to ditch the MAX moniker for its long-grounded fleet of planes. ( Altro...

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Virgin Australia Boeing 737 Flight VA346 Diverts After Part Of Wing Comes Loose Mid-Air

A passenger on board a Virgin Australia flight has described the disconcerting moment the lower flap on the plane's left-hand wing came loose and began whipping about in the wind. ( Altro...

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Boeing seeks to borrow $10 billion or more as 737 Max crisis wears on

Boeing Co (BA.N) is in talks with banks about borrowing $10 billion (£7.7 billion) or more amid rising costs after the two fatal 737 Max crashes, CNBC reported on Monday citing people familiar with the matter. ( Altro...

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Boeing Does Not Have An Answer To The Airbus A220 Yet

The acquisition of Bombardier C-Series (rebranded as A220) program positions Airbus very strongly against Boeing for long-term future in the narrow-body space. ( Altro...

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Record: Air Baltic Carried 5 Million Passengers In 2019

Air Baltic carried a record number of over five million passengers in 2019, up 22% from the previous year. This is the highest number of passengers in the airline’s 25-year history. In 2019, Air Baltic operated 62,748 flights, with an average load factor of 12%, carrying 5,049,317 passengers. The number of flight movements is also up by 12% compared to 2018. ( Altro...

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Zurich Airport prepares for Air Force One and President Trump, who will visit Davos, Switzerland

The arrival of Air Force One carrying President Trump will not go unnoticed at Zurich Airport, tomorrow 21 January. President Trump will visit the yearly World Economic Forum in Davos, located in the Eastern Alps region of Switzerland. ( Altro...


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