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Rumor has it that Airbus might cooperate with UPS and Amazon for the freighter version of A330neo
Toulouse - Airbus expects Amazon and UPS to include A330neo in their freighter fleets. A full freighter with modern engines could spur the program and spark new competition wit (Altro)
Airbus to start final assembly of the ANA's first A380
Toulouse - The final assembly of the first A380 for the Japanese airline operator All Nippon Airways (ANA) will begin next month for delivery early in 2019, announced Airbus on (Altro)
ADS-B Will Bring Reckoning to Preowned Bizjet Market
With the U.S. ADS-B Out compliance deadline looming, “we’re about 18 months from a significant reckoning in the preowned business jet market due to obsolescence,” Mesinger Jet (Altro)
Court orders Guptas' jet to be grounded
A South African court ruled on Monday that a Bombadier Global 6000 aircraft ZS-OAK, which the Gupta family was leasing, must be handed over to the applicants and stored at Lans (Altro)
Production Transformation Key to Boeing NMA
As Boeing builds the business case for the New Midrange Airplane (NMA, or 797), dozens of major factors come into play, along with the hundreds or thousands of smaller one. (Altro)
American to upgrade the Philadelphia – Los Angeles route
American Airlines will assign the Airbus A330-200 and the A330-300 to the Philadelphia – Los Angeles route starting on March 25, an upgrade from the current Airbus A321 service (Altro)


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