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Stockholm () 53 min53 min
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Punta Cana () 42 min42 min
Orly (near Paris) () 39 min39 min
Amsterdam () 39 min39 min
Hamburg () 38 min38 min
Washington, DC ()
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Atlanta, GA ()
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Chicago, IL ()
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Los Angeles, CA ()
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Dallas-Fort Worth, TX ()
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How to fight the California wildfires with a Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet
Step inside (which you can do in the interactive 3-D model below) and you'll see that the upper floor looks pretty normal, with the cockpit and a few seats. Head down the stair (Altro)
Germany favors Eurofighter as it seeks to replace Tornado
The German Defence Ministry said on Monday that the European fighter jet was the leading candidate to replace its Tornado jets, which it wants to start phasing out in 2025. (Altro)
Canada doesn't buy Fighter Aircraft from Boeing
This is not an airliner news and normally shouldn't be mentioned here on "Airliner Watch". But it is strictly related to the airliner wars between Boeing and Bombardier, and ma (Altro)
Qatar Airways releases the inaugural flight video of its first A350-1000
Qatar Airways' first Airbus A350-1000 launched its maiden flight on December 10, 2017, before a scheduled delivery at the end of the month. Qatar Airways has released a video o (Altro)
Watch: Southwest Airline Passenger threatens to ‘kill everybody on this plane’
A woman was caught smoking on a flight from Portland to Sacramento on Saturday resulting in an in-flight freak-out and threats to “kill everyone on this plane” when she was esc (Altro)
Malaysia Airlines will fly Airbus A380s to London again
Malaysia Airlines will continue to fly its Airbus A380s to London as the airline steps back from plans to spin off the superjumbos into a new airline dedicated to Islamic pilgr (Altro)


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