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Airbus Confirms A350-1000 As Flagship, Worries About Market Response To 737 MAX Grounding

Airbus confirms that the A350-1000 is now the "company's flagship aircraft," calling the Boeing 777-X a “re-engined Hummer.” The European manufacturer could not escape from the inevitable Boeing 737 MAX questioning. “After the MAX situation, the FAA will probably become stricter and will double and triple check on us even more,” said Michael Schöllhorn, Airbus COO. ( Altro...

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Boeing sold no new commercial aircraft in April

Boeing landed no new commercial aircraft orders in April and slashed its 737 backlog by 171 aircraft amid the collapse of Indian carrier Jet Airways. Chicago-based Boeing’s April deliveries also slowed to a trickle as the 737 Max remains grounded. Boeing took 207 737s off its books in the first four months of 2019, though 36 737 orders equate to a net reduction of 171 737s in the four-month period, according to Boeing's figures. Boeing also took 10 787s off its backlog in April. ( Altro...

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ATC mistakenly sends a Eva Air Boeing 777 towards California Mountain

A flight from Los Angeles flew dangerously close to a 5,700ft mountain peak after an air traffic controller confused right with left in his instructions. The incident occurred when weather around Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) meant flights had to take off heading east rather than travelling west, directly over the Pacific Ocean, as usual. The Eva Air Boeing 777 was flying to Taipei, Taiwan, when it was given the erroneous instructions from a controller from Southern California… ( Altro...

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Airbus celebrates 50 years

In 1969, European aerospace was in the doldrums. The sector’s once-illustrious names had faded and, competing against each other, lagged far behind the Americans, who commanded more than 80% of the market for commercial aircraft. Against this backdrop, on 29th May 1969, ministers from Germany and France agreed a new approach: a partnership between European nations, later joined by Spain and the UK, to develop the first Airbus aircraft, the twin-aisle A300. Frankly, few people gave this… ( Altro...

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Landing Gear Fire--Turkish Airlines

A sudden fire in the landing gear, taxing toward take-off? Probably a whole lot more to this story than published. Since the fire was only on the right side, wonder if the co-pilot had problems. ( Altro...


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