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Absolutely gorgeous photo!

Written on 03/24/2023 by frank theriault

Love the sound of a big radial starting. Turbos sound like a kitchenaid.

Written on 03/24/2023 by Russ Brown

IJweg at Schiphol see google maps 52.347807231478335, 4.713394016756058

Written on 03/24/2023 by Lindsay Tremethick

Yet again no information on who, what, when, where, why. And yes, the perspective is shortened by using a telephoto lens.

Written on 03/24/2023 by Mark Harris

Jubile 50....

Written on 03/24/2023 by Peter Kiss

Good picture and colour not often seen

Written on 03/24/2023 by Anthony Holding

Many airports have adopted the safety recommendation to have de-icing booths closer to the runways. After a few accidents, investigators pointed out the problem of de-icing at the gates and then the length of time it could take to get to takeoff. So many cold weather airports setup de-icing operations closer to the runways. They are almost like running your car through an express car wash.

Written on 03/23/2023 by David Plummer

It was a Waco. It crashed, and the Waco was dereged. The new reg is for a Cardinal.

Written on 03/23/2023 by scottieshea

Awesome shot.
If you don't like the way I fly, stay off the sidewalk.

Written on 03/23/2023 by John moffitt

Excellent picture, no title, no place, no remarks - just nothing. You still can increase with your information at all.

Written on 03/23/2023 by WEisenlauer

"Hot Shots"

Written on 03/23/2023 by bbabis

I remember the late 50s early 60s living in Cincinnati hearing and feeling the booms and running outside at night just to catch sight of the afterburners of a flight of F-100s already through the sound barrier out of Wright-Pat.

Written on 03/23/2023 by bbabis

Quite the photo!

Written on 03/23/2023 by Bill Cayley

aka "freedom bird"

Written on 03/23/2023 by 96flstc

Paul; looking @ a closeup of the tail fin, it looks to be an AZANG bird.

Written on 03/22/2023 by James Simms

This was the old paint job, it got repainted in October of 2022!

Written on 03/22/2023 by Myron Tedrow

Nice ride, Anthony. Lucky guy. Great photo.

Written on 03/22/2023 by hal pushpak

Awesome Shot!

Written on 03/22/2023 by John Giambone

To use a football analogy, this pic is a real "touchdown" !

Written on 03/22/2023 by John Giambone

Great Pic Daniel!

Written on 03/22/2023 by John Giambone

Great shot Daniel!

Written on 03/22/2023 by Tom Heaverlo

Nice shot, Chris

Written on 03/22/2023 by Lewis Tripp

Nice shot Gavin. Saw my first Fini Airways bird in person at LAX a few weeks back (A350) beautiful color sche e)

Written on 03/22/2023 by John Giambone

Very nice shot Daniel.

Written on 03/22/2023 by John Giambone

I miss this girl... Glad to see she's being flown regularly

Written on 03/21/2023 by Mike Ropers

corrected, it's a 321 typed the model wrong

Written on 03/21/2023 by Jose Mariano Rodríguez Rodríguez

Come on Dave. I want to see when you are taking the bird out.

Written on 03/21/2023 by Andrew Schenavar

@ John Giambone yes it is thank you!

Written on 03/21/2023 by daniel jef

Where’d ya take this photo from?

Written on 03/21/2023 by Hutton Rose


Written on 03/21/2023 by DeepCoder

This is in San Antonio’s KSAT, not KLAS

Written on 03/21/2023 by Jared Maurtua

April 1954. Ex G-ANGJ/T6397

Written on 03/21/2023 by John moffitt

N6592L not N6529L (-8 I submitted a photo for 29L because this one showed up for the C152 based out of KMTN and boy was that confusing. Good lucking bird here and love a float plane!

Written on 03/21/2023 by drabine

Lots of Triple 7's this week.

Written on 03/21/2023 by Al Miller

Definitely a KC-135R.

Written on 03/21/2023 by George General

Cool Shot Daniel!

Written on 03/21/2023 by John Giambone

tolles Foto und eine interessante Geschichte

Written on 03/21/2023 by hans beator

Larry Toler your right about Southern Air using L-100's. They also used regular ex military C-130's. But Not just the Boeing 707. They had Douglas DC-8's and some of the DC-8 "Super 70 Series" Same aircraft but instead of just Pratt & Whitney JT-3 engines. It had GE CFM-56 engines. Plus Boeing 747-200's

Written on 03/21/2023 by William L. Pickett Jr.


Written on 03/20/2023 by John Giambone

Very Cool shot Elise!

Written on 03/20/2023 by John Giambone

What an interesting capture. Nicely done.

Written on 03/20/2023 by Ronald Mullins

I got to ride in my first KC-135 in Jan '66 while going on R&R to Japan from Tan-Son Nhuyet, VN. A sweet flight!

Written on 03/20/2023 by John Middaugh

Serge: Thanks for your service!

Written on 03/20/2023 by John Middaugh

A memorable combination. Thanks for sharing.

Written on 03/20/2023 by John Middaugh

Just waiting for someone to "kick the tire and light the fire."

Written on 03/20/2023 by John Middaugh

Awesome looking Cessna!

Written on 03/20/2023 by Tony Watkins

Simply beautiful!

Written on 03/20/2023 by Donna Yost

Nice. jmorgan. A 5.

Written on 03/20/2023 by Lewis Tripp

The scenery is amazing!

Written on 03/20/2023 by George Maidens

Even in the thumbnail, I said “Hey that’s Bozeman!” It’s definitely still winter here.

Written on 03/20/2023 by Hannah Clark


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