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And I even like the color. (;o)

Written on 24/01/2020 by George Bures

Makes me all nostalgic for Sky King.

Written on 24/01/2020 by George Bures

1969 M20B

Written on 24/01/2020 by Raymond Ritter

Departing Petaluma, CA flown by my Partner, Roger Bohl.

Written on 24/01/2020 by Raymond Ritter

Never a dumb question. Wing tip mounted fuel tanks. Don't recall capacity or how much incremental range they offered, but were the signature feature for the Sky Kings

Written on 24/01/2020 by John Chaparro

I hate to sound stupid... but what is the pod on the end of the wing? Very nice plane cool paint and I will keep an eye out for you,if you ever fly over Deer Park Texas that is

Written on 24/01/2020 by Gerald Anderson

Location: Mesa, AZ
Accident Number: WPR17FA155
Date & Time: 07/17/2017, 1652 MST
Registration: N571JM
Aircraft: Evolution 19 Lancair Evolution
Aircraft Damage: Substantial
Defining Event: Loss of control in flight
Injuries: 2 Fatal

Written on 24/01/2020 by gretnabear

Location: Centennial, CO
Accident Number: CEN17LA122
Date & Time: 02/18/2017, 1529 MST
Registration: N2702R
Aircraft: PIPER PA 28R-200
Aircraft Damage: Substantial
Defining Event: Loss of control in flight
Injuries:1 Serious, 1 Minor
Flight Conducted Under: Part 91: General Aviation - Instructional

Written on 24/01/2020 by gretnabear

Nice. Clean, and simple. Great photo too.

Written on 24/01/2020 by wylann

Thanks for the info Mark Henley!

Written on 24/01/2020 by Karl Jackson

Nice shot...

Written on 24/01/2020 by bigkahuna400

The PC 24 has arrived as the ultimate aircraft.

Written on 24/01/2020 by cw3burke

great atmosphere !

Written on 24/01/2020 by p smith

wow nice brrrrrr

Written on 24/01/2020 by p smith

Same exact photo.

Written on 24/01/2020 by Joan Williams

Hmm I wonder what these 767 charters are used for? That is a big plane to fill up.

Written on 23/01/2020 by Spencer Hoefer

Can you fellows who seem to be very familiar with this beautiful training aircrat, tell why is it that even a squadron of say 16 T-28s (Wright R-1820) cannot match the strong, gutural low frequency rumble of a single B-17 whose sound is one of the nicest among radial engines. Don't recent but the T-28s sound is too light or even weak.

Written on 23/01/2020 by chalet

A worthy rival to United's Star Wars I reckon.

Written on 23/01/2020 by Gavin Hughes

@Charlie Roberts: Absolutely!

Written on 23/01/2020 by Cbro4

Great shot, nicely balanced color and light, and well, the prop discs - super.

Written on 23/01/2020 by Gavin Hughes

Another great shot Gary - would one expect anything less though?

Written on 23/01/2020 by Gavin Hughes

Nice Pic. 👍

Written on 23/01/2020 by KrisC

Oh, that is Everett. It would be so cool to live up there. It would make the weather worth it. Maybe... +5

Written on 23/01/2020 by Robert Cowling

So this is a new born? AWESOME!!!

Written on 23/01/2020 by Robert Cowling

Or London Heathrow. But London is pretty damn amazing! Love it!

Written on 23/01/2020 by Robert Cowling

Pushing back for a ride to someplace amazing!

Written on 23/01/2020 by Robert Cowling

This is flying magazine's Dick Karl..

Written on 23/01/2020 by Chris Tonkin

@ a mentor. No the Blues have a new Fat Albert. The old one was retired last Summer.

Written on 23/01/2020 by James Simms

There are a few AMF C-99s (as well as a few SA227s) based here at BUF, so they're a somewhat of a common sight for us spotters here in Buffalo...

Written on 23/01/2020 by D.B. Warren

:( so sad

Written on 23/01/2020 by John Manley

She is pretty

Written on 23/01/2020 by Charlie Roberts

Many thanks

Written on 23/01/2020 by goodluck747400

LUV the lighting! Quite the night picture...

Written on 23/01/2020 by BigAlOutWest

where this picture was taken

Written on 23/01/2020 by Francisco Lugo

Sadly she was lost fighting fires in New Southwales, AU today

Written on 23/01/2020 by a mentor

Sadly this Coulson #134 C-130 Hercules N134CG was lost on 23-1-2020 while firefighting in New Southwales, AU

Written on 23/01/2020 by a mentor

How come there are no A380's in/out of Ohare in Chicago? Demand is certainly there. Is there a technical reason like gate space, etc?

Written on 23/01/2020 by bigkahuna400

My boy

Written on 23/01/2020 by DiakaSedrikov

Super Shot Taylor!!

Written on 23/01/2020 by ken kemper


Cool Deicing Photo !!

Written on 23/01/2020 by ken kemper


That is most correct. Well said !!

Written on 23/01/2020 by ken kemper

Looking at the first four shots today, from top left clockwise, we have a small, two mediums and a large.

Written on 23/01/2020 by Paul Wisgerhof

Definitely not a Beechcraft Beechjet! Something went wrong there!

Written on 23/01/2020 by Mary Mathews

Thank you so much Gavin!! They had 22 in use Monday due to maint. on main runway, winds blowing straight across made for some interesting landings. This area is definitely my favorite spot, quiet, not a lot of vehicle traffic and its the closest to the action one can get without an airport badge.

Written on 22/01/2020 by rwb2112

Thank you for making this a Staff Pick!
I'm grateful my photo was great enough to warrant a like from the FlightAware staff as well as featured in the Staff Pick section!

Written on 22/01/2020 by blazearctic

Magnificent coloring and a great angle to highlight the it all.

Written on 22/01/2020 by Gavin Hughes

Gimme a break! Too many good shots to comment on each, suffice to say that nothing disappoints. Super work.

Written on 22/01/2020 by Gavin Hughes

Sorry for the quality of picture and I do not remember the airframe.

Written on 22/01/2020 by Reed Hume

Pas Cessna---Van'SRV

Written on 22/01/2020 by andré belleau

Before the hurricanes and earthquakes San Juan P.R. had many DC-3s on the field. They have been robust, reliable airframes for both short haul freight and passenger service in the Caribbean

Written on 22/01/2020 by a mentor

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