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Emirates Seeks Etihad takeover

A new world’s largest airline may be in the works. Just announced that Emirates is in talks to take over the unprofitable Etihad which would in turn create the world’s largest airline by passenger traffic. ( Altro...

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consolidation is inevitable in the region, as etihad is the third place runner in the race, and also the most clueless . I do like the paint scheme.
Agree and agree on the paint job or "Livery"
scott8733 1
Mmmmm, naw- nothing here about WOW, just Etihad and Emirates.
My only hope is that Etihad's styles, branding, and premium seating are adopted across the board. I fear they won't. Emirates focuses way too much on the fake bling rather than traditional elegance.
joel wiley 0
Perhaps it would spur consolidation here. Can you envision DeltAm, Deltided, or UnAmerican or with all three UnDetAm?


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