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Air Canada grounds its Boeing Max 8s until at least July 1

MONTREAL — Air Canada says it intends to remove its grounded Boeing 737 Max 8 jets from service until at least July 1 in order to provide more certainty for passengers that wish to book flights in the coming months. ( Altro...

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Boeing could be readying additional space to store 737 MAXs

With planes grounded and deliveries halted, the Boeing Co. will need room for its 737 MAX jets as it maintains production at the record rate of 52 aircraft per month on the 737 line. And, according to a report from the Puget Sound Business Journal, the company might be looking to a former B-52 bomber facility in eastern Washington state for storage space. The PSBJ reports that Boeing (NYSE: BA) owns more than 100 acres of property, including a ramp that could be used for parking undelivered… ( Altro...

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How a Boeing Safety Feature Became a Suspect in Crashes

Planes have been flying with the aid of computers for so long that the term “autopilot” has become part of the language, usually meaning a situation of calm predictability. Yet an automated computer feature is suspected by investigators to be a factor in the crash of a Boeing 737 Max operated by the Indonesian carrier Lion Air — and possibly in another one flown by Ethiopian Air five months later. ( Altro...

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La justice américaine se penche sur la certificationdes Boeing 737 Max.

Boeing et les autorités américaines sont dans une position de plus en plus délicate, sommés désormais par la justice de faire la lumière sur la certification du 737 Max après l’accident de Lion Air et celui d’Ethiopia Airlines, survenus à quatre mois et demi d’intervalle. Le 11 mars, soit le lendemain de la tragédie du vol Addis-Abeba–Nairobi, la justice a assigné au moins une personne impliquée dans le développement du programme 737 Max à fournir des documents, incluant des lettres, des… ( Altro...


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