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FAA Allowed Unsafe Aircraft to Fly Commercially

A whistleblower has come forward with allegations that the FAA allowed unsafe airplanes to fly commercial operations, according to the U.S. Office of Special Counsel, which said it investigated the complaints and uncovered troubling abuses from within the agency. In a June 13 release, the OSC described that the whistleblower uncovered that the FAA approved certain aircraft to operate commercially without reviewing “critical safety information”, which, in the case of some of those aircraft, would… ( Altro...

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The FAA needs to step up departmental discipline and issue a hickory stick with a nail on the end to employees making false entries in reports, or not being where they are told, and assign them to the parks department.

Then they can step up enforcement of aircraft registration and record keeping. Registration is a joke with people putting the name of a leasing company, a bank trust department, Starfleet, or any other method to conceal and misdirect who is the actual owner and physical location. If you have an aircraft that flies in the public space, you have no expectation of privacy.
Dose this story surprise anyone knowing the way the US FAA operates outside the public eye?


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