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Bombardier Donates CRJ100 Aircraft to the British Columbia Institute of Technology

Bombardier Commercial Aircraft and the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) today announced that Bombardier has donated a CRJ100 aircraft to be used in BCIT’s Aerospace programs. It is Bombardier’s first donation of a commercial aircraft to an educational institution and symbolizes the company’s commitment to the training of a skilled workforce and further strengthening of the aerospace industry in Canada. ( Altro...

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This is either a REALLY old story OR they are getting a second CRJ100 as they've had one with "Bombardier" on it for well over a year...
Tom Lyons 1
Was it a choice between giving a CRJ100 to BCIT or parking it down in some Mojave boneyard? How many are in active service anymore?
This is just common sense marketing. If you happened to be the third largest aircraft manufacturer in the world it only makes commercial as well as fiscal sense. If you are selling an extremely popular today. This will also help Bombardier to reach their operators and provide timely and unique service support concept. It enhances Bombardiers expanding share of the global aviation marketplace. You have all heard the horror stories of being stuck with a grounded airplane for weeks in Podunk, Somewhere, Earth. It looks like Bombardier is truly concerned with protecting its exclusive position in the aviation marketplace. After the sale it's the support. Bombardier has made the effort to help support its clientele through a growing list of Bombardier Certified CRJ'S or the new and revolutionary C-Series of brand new jet. With more user's comes the logical demand for enhanced service quality. Bombardier recognized immediately after the sales it is crucial to have the machine certified by the Bombardier cross-trained is absolutely essential for success in the aviation industry. IT'S THE RELATIONSHIP THAT THEY PIONEERED NO ONE ELSE COMES CLOSE!


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