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Amid China’s massive COVID wave, 42% of people on one flight tested positive

Although China has largely abandoned COVID-19 case reporting, evidence of its massive wave of infection readily shows up in airports outside its borders. On a December 26 flight from the southeastern city of Wenzhou to Milan, Italy, 42 percent of the 149 passengers on board tested positive for COVID-19 upon arrival, according to a study published Thursday in the journal Eurosurveillance. ( More...

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mbrews 6
Seems like Deja Vu all over again. about 4 years ago, Covid-19 spread worldwide from the epicenter of Wuhan, China.

Not surprisingly, the Covid-19 first appeared in USA early 2020, at US cities that received direct passenger flights from China.
Shenghao Han 1
Not necessary, we have the vaccine and its still effective with the strand. Lots of people have immunity compared to 4 years ago. Everyone is prepared.

That shows the downside of prolonged quarantine would eradicate the virus, which Chinese government believed.

A common misconception is vaccine "prevents" you from getting the virus, hence no need for mask etc. The vaccine doesn't "prevent" you from getting the virus, not it "prevents" you spread the virus. It helps your body to fight the virus, but you can absolutely spread it to other people even if you have vaccine.
Vaccine does help shorten the time period of contingent, meaning you get less sever symptom and you spread it to less amount of people by making you recover faster.

Nothing wrong with quarantine, its absolutely necessary to prevent a social collapse when vaccine doesn't exist. but it shows you vaccine alone can't control a virus. After all its a virus, different between strands can still make vaccine unable to stop spreading.

Quarantine + Vaccine + Herd immunity is the correct answer. China only did the first two, while rest of the world tried the latter two. A combination of the methods probably would be the best.
sharon bias 2
The politics of Covid are crazy. Recent radio show I listened to where the hosts were suggesting that parents should be arrested for child abuse for making their children wear masks in an airport. With hub routing used by most US airlines, you never know where the person next to you started their journey. You just need to protect yourself.
matt jensen 1
I reported this three weeks ago


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