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Ted Lumpkin Jr., a Tuskegee Airman, Dies at 100

Mr. Lumpkin, one of the oldest surviving Tuskegee Airmen, died on Dec. 26 at a hospital in Los Angeles, just a few days before his 101st birthday. He died of complications of Covid-19. ( Altro...

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Paul Radley 14
What a wonderful sad story. These airmen did such a fantastic job back in the second war war and then totally disrespected afterwards. They need to be remembered and respected!
tbpera 6
all the good ones going... born 1928? joined with parents consent at age 17 in 1945? You'd be 92 now...
Just about the youngest you could be and be a WW2 vet.. not many left... Korea vets next...the me..Viet Vet 1968...age 74
augerin with the angels my brother...
RIP brother. You're flying with the angels now on cherubic wings.
R.I.P. Sir. Respect
lecompte2 2
RIP brother pilot
Amazing men. God Bless.
So sad to live so long to be taken by covid. Thanks for your service may you receive your justs rewards by our creator.
skylab72 1
RIP brother in arms.
Blake Van 1
God's Speed Pilot Buddy..
RIP Ted Lumpkin, you served your country well.
May the Lord Almighty have mercy on him, forgive him his sins, and welcome him into Paradise. Rest in Peace so long after a job well done!!!


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