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Air Canada finalizes decision to convert aircraft to freighters

Air Canada is thinking outside the box to survive the coronavirus crisis. It's latest innovation is to convert planes to cargo configuration and operate an all-cargo fleet. ( Altro...

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Highflyer1950 1
Rouge pilots are paid less than main line pilots so what special considerations. Maybe the deletion in the contract for extra dough for night pay? Good move, however and keeps people employed and current.
Eric Kulisch 1
The cargo flights aren't necessarily operated by Rouge, just using old Rouge planes. So union had to give approval to allow different terms and conditions for flying cargo.
Highflyer1950 1
Rouge has it’s own Operating Certificate from Transport Canada, the pilots are on one list and I think Air Canada got rid of all their mainline 767’s, so I think your are right about union approval.
canuck44 1
Revenue from parked owned aircraft= ZERO plus cost to maintain.
Capital cost to convert minimal. I would expect there will be some sort of "sale" or "lease" as these aircraft are moved off the AC books


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