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El Al “draws” image of jumbo to commemorate its very last Boeing 747 flight

After 48 years of service, El Al joins the aviation ranks in saying good bye to the Boeing 747. To honor the jumbo’s send off, just two hours before its arrival into Tel Aviv (TLV), the airline leveled off at 10,000 feet and made a series of turns to “draw” a picture of a 747. ( Altro...

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After my comment was not accepted because of an inaccurate password, I can't remember the earlier comment that I had typed.All I can say is that the Boeing 747 was one of aviation's most beautiful commercial aircraft. El Al gave a fitting send-off to such a lovely aircraft.

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jet4ang 3
Keep your political mouth SHUT!
RECOR10 -4
Touch a nerve? Maybe you need a hug? I know, how about a nice fun bubble wand and some Barney Music! Kidz Bop???
Chris B 6
So long old pal.
I presume all passengers received a picture autographed by the artist?
I have never flown on a 747
I guess i had better do it soon, before they are all replaced
Boeing is still turning out a few new ones; you just have to seal yourself in a box if you want a ride...
Russ Brown 2
I remember being on a NW 747 bringing grunts home from Viet Nam in the aisles, restrooms, top deck, tears in my eyes, - bringing them home.
jet4ang 4
Why are people so damn negative these days?? So many political comments, politically correct comments and all the like! We live in an era of PUSSIES!
For someone against negativity, you sure belched some negativity out in your post.
Hope your day (and life) gets better.
and all caused by trump. (note no capital t, he don't deserve one
You don't even deserve a response, you delusional snowflake...waaa waaa...waaaa
RECOR10 -4
It may not be "PC", but we all point and laugh at retards.
dardav 2
looks a little too perfect. I mean those look like some tight turns, like seat belt sign on, trays in the upright position, hold on to your lugnuts....
Based on reading the map and scale from FlightAware, looks like 200 MPH and 2.5mi radius turns, which I work out to be on the order of 0.01g turns...
Right? At first I thought that was an icon representing a 747, and couldn't figure out where the "drawing" was.
Yumi Lori 1
it was a ferry flight without any passengers
For sure!! Haha!!
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747 Retirement makes plane drawing

Cool looking final flight of 747 El-Al Retirement of 747
@RECOR10 Think of the passengers who were delayed by an hour an a half :)
Nige Lites 6
If it was announced prior as a "Final Flight", maybe there were some 'Enthusiasts' or 747 fans who specifically booked to be on that historic flight. They may have appreciated the extra time on board.
RECOR10 -6
There were people held against their will? Surely we can sue Boeing right :-)
What did the passengers think of the (approximately) 18 tight turns required?
weird chem-trails. yes,,, their out there! ;-)
* "their out they're" ;^}
KingAir06a 0
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El Al Celebrates 747 Retirement By “Painting” 747 In The Sky

To celebrate its last Boeing 747 flight, El Al flew a pattern that drew a 747 in the sky over the Mediterranean. The last scheduled 747 flight (1747) was from Rome to Tel Aviv.

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I agree especially about the waste of fuel.

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@CaptStephanC ???
RECOR10 -2
Um, are you commenting on a story other than a 747? I am confused.....


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