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Airline Assured Flight Attendant She’d Be Safe to Fly to Mexico. When She Returned, ICE Detained Her.

A dream job has turned into a nightmare for a Texas flight attendant who is now sitting in an immigration detention center and facing deportation to South America. “It really boggles my mind why the government would want to seek to continue to detain someone with no criminal history who was a graduate of Texas A&M and who was approved and on her way to citizenship but was held for what was obviously a mistake,” the woman’s attorney, Belinda Arroyo, said in a telephone interview. “But here we… ( Altro...

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Truth now comes out in Dallas papers. She's been detained for five weeks. She claims DACA status - which apparently was good enough for Mesa Airlines and Texas A&M. I don't know how you can be accepted in any school without a birth certificate.
bentwing60 2
Been here 25 years, she knows the language, has a job, and no legal form of citizenship, not ICE's fault, or ours.
Seems to me everyone along the line failed to do their job - as required by law.
btweston -8
How can you type a comment when you can’t read?

[This poster has been suspended.]

cowboybob 2
it's more "poor victim" sensationalism designed to make all illegal immigration normal. I am acquainted with a Canadian flight test engineer sitting at home because he can't get back to his job in the US...which he had worked at for over 3 years but due to a change in contract with the prime airframer, his status somehow change. He's been paying lawyers for months now to help fix it. Why is this poor South American any different? Maybe because latinos "deserve" better treatment than the rest of the world?
I am going out out on a limb here but, he probably had a work visa valid for the contracted work and when the contract changed so did the visa requirements. Not entirely fair but some of the rules that work visa’s are issued under by the United States can be archaic at best?
bentwing60 2
Archaic or not, read the article, She has been in the US for 25 years and has not persued legal citizenship in a form that meets the requirements for entry into the US. ICE knows the laws and she may well be an example set for others. I don't know but it's ok by me. I live in Texas, and a local community hospital in Garland closed their doors this week because they can no longer fund the demand for health care for illegals. This is not a one off event. Nor is it a political rant, just sayin.
So Mr. Texas, if you look a little harder you will see I was referring to cowboybob’s Canadian friend. That is why the reply is below his post!
bentwing60 0
HF, I looked a little harder and see that I took your comment completely out of context vis a vis cowboybob. My apologies, heart felt! I will stand by my comment however as I watch the hijabs and other diversities routinely push multi baby strollers up and down my alley and Dallas is a prime target of the immigration invasion that so many claim doesn't exist. by the by, I was born here and proud of it!
Seems like I read in the Dallas Morning News that the hospital closed due to low patient census. Not enough utilization of the facility.
bentwing60 2
At the rate things are going Dallas will be a sanctuary city in short order and the morning news has become the new york times of the south. I'd question the source and their agenda as mine, a now former employee and daughter of one of my wifes workout girlfriends, says the insurance paying beds were indeed empty and they couldn't turn the "others" away in the ER. Parkland, the county hospital, is overrun around the ER with minoriries, as is the maternity ward. Pity about the paper cause I am a newspaper kinda guy and delivered papers for them as a kid and worked at the production plant slipping papers on saturday nights in my early high school days. I canceled my subscription long ago and refuse to even read a free one now.
btweston -4
“She has a Social Security number and pays taxes, and was halfway through the process of getting her official citizenship.”

So... let’s out her in jail because the law. Racism is really easy in America.
bbabis 1
It was a bit of a stretch to make this an aviation story.
belzybob 0
Updated link, she has been released:
btweston -5
Great system we have here in America.

Dumber by the day.


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