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BBJ Transforms the Boeing 737 Into a Long-haul, VIP-Class Aircraft

Usually the Boeing 737 is used for short trips for large groups, but what if that was reversed? Its VIP derivative, the Boeing Business Jet, has a very different mission; carrying small groups on long flights with luxurious accommodation. ( Altro...

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patrick baker 7
this one seems to have 25 seats, one
toilet, one queen siZe bed, enough snob apppeal to last for any 12 hour flight.Love to know who is buying these and what they are used for.
Larry Toler 3
LOL, probably 5 hour flights for people who can afford it. Seriously, I'm sure there is a market for it. In the long run it's probably mote cost effective than a used heavily modded 757. That's pretty good legs for the new 737 MAX.
Jimmy Honeycutt 2
Corporate people will love it......and buy it.
a1brainiac 2
If I had a lot of money I would buy one, but I don't, so when I fly economy class i.e. steerage, I will suffer with the masses.....
MrTommy 2
These planes will take airborne RV'ing to a whole new level. Pick an airport, land there, park in the 'back lot', and spend a few days in the lap of luxury. Jackpot, NV anyone? [Tongue firmly placed against cheek]

One more reason to buy that lottery ticket.
Larry Toler 1
Dude, if Petersburg-Dinwiddie airport could handle it I would visit my parents more often up in VA.


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