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Fast-growing Allegiant adds 3 new cities, 22 new routes

Allegiant Air will unveil three new cities and 22 new routes Tuesday in what the company is calling one of its biggest single expansion announcements ever. ( Altro...

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canuck44 2
Hopefully they will have resolved their labor problems in the air and on the ground in order to move forward. Without both they will continue to have continuing decline in their reputation for reliability.
bentwing60 2
From what I read what they need is some newer more reliable equipment.
Pileits 1
You can say that again. Or at least some kind of proper maintenance program. You can't run 40yr old airplanes without putting a wrench to them now and then.
I wonder if the CEO maintain's his car as badly as he maintains his airlines.
linbb 1
It isn't so much putting a wrench on them as it is having the proper work done on them not just the parts that fail. The work order tells a mechanic what is to be done the person in charge of the program is the one responsible for taking care of that not the mechanic so as long as the work he does works properly and is done to specs he is out of the loop.
joel wiley 2
Is Allegiant acquiring more planes? I don't think they have a lot of underutilized equipment. Seems this will add more stress on the maintenance loads.
They're gonna have to have a plan as the forced retirement of all the MD Aircraft comes into play.
joel wiley 1
Forced retirement? Is that per regulation somewhere or market decisions?
Without any inside info - wonder if its the mechanics not doing their job (kinda doubt it since their name goes on record) or management supplying parts of questionable reliability?
canuck44 1
This may fill in some of the blanks, Loral. I didn't post it at the time as there seems a lot going on and it is hard to know what is true or not. This report seems to be from a guy who knows his way around and was only there a short period of time so is unlikely to have anything financial to gain.
Interesting -- wish there were more specific cases of just what he saw. Are Allegiant's mechanics out of the puppy mills or is their pay so low they only get the ones nobody else will hire? Too many unanswered questions. Definitely think the FAA needs to take a real close look but then again, it's the FAA. Something like the wolf guarding the hen house.


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