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Man parks plane in driveway

A Long Island aviator has turned his suburban driveway into a private tarmac — and the pilot is now Public Enemy No. 1 with his neighbors and town officials. ( More...

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WeatherWise 15
His neighbors should just be happy he didn't own a King Air.
mariofer 4
Or do run ups every couple of days LOL
John Gerty 1
At night.
zennermd 11
People make me so angry, just leave him alone and worry about your own lives. That is a good looking airplane with a nice paint job. Better than some of these piece of crap yards people have with old ugly boats and other junk in their yards. What about rusted out cars and trailers.
flyingj481 16
I thought he had a great point about other people parking boats in driveways... they are usualy much uglier than a well cared for Cessna.
Dan Egelhoff 1
Wait, what about the promise of an airplane in every driveway and jetpacks and stuff?
Andriy Tsyupka 26
America is becoming a sad place. If this was in the 60s this man would be the coolest guy on the block.
mariofer 4
You hit it right on the head. It is sad indeed. We used to applaud innovative, out of the box, intrepid people. Now we have to conform to some lame template so not to offend anyone. Have our lives become so empty that we have to shut down people like this guy in order for us to feel better about ourselves? I hope not.
lynx318 4
Don't know what they're complaining about, a tidy aircraft in the driveway sure looks better than half a dozen car wrecks lying around the front yard of a bunch of welfare rejects.
BaronG58 2
Your right Andriy. Back in the late 50's my uncle parked his plane in his front yard and the road in front of his property was his runway. He was treated like a rock star in this small East Texas town.
Better a silent plane than a barking dog!
Paul Robbins 5
More pwr to him! I would love to have a neighbor with a 152 in his drive way!!!
joel wiley 1
You could consider moving to Cameron Airpark in Cameron Park CA. You can be sure the CC&Rs do not prohibit aircraft.
Paul Robbins 1
The only problem is that I live in Austin, Tx. LOL
Pileits 4
I think this man's nifty one fifty in his driveway is certainly no worse then a camper van, motor home or boat.
lynx318 1
Or an ugly Hummer H1 or even a Prius for that matter, damn ugly!
Robin Shaw 4
This just goes to reinforce my theory that people do not own property, people purchase a tax liability.
If he owned the property he could put an airplane in the driveway or you could put a porta potty in the driveway or he could put a bucket of nails in the driveway and it would be his right to do so on his property, but instead he has to get a variance from zoning or permission from the city or pay a fine.
PFFT! He still -IS- the coolest guy on the block, the other people are to darn stupid (and jealous) to admit it!!
Ed Mentz 2
I suspect ,tis not the airplane, but Hals' antenna farm which the neighbors cannot do anything about. (PRB1) Gonna get him one way or the other. !In Islip the town is reasonable... Hal should do some electric welding in his garage Super Bowl sunday. de k2lck
Deric Taylor 2
What's so ugly about an aircraft as beautiful a 150?
paul trubits 2
And this is why I no longer live on Long Island. A$$holes are the norm, not the exception.
mmcmanamey 2
If you look at the photos with this story:
the summons is in regards to a short wave radio tower which can be seen in various photos of his house. There seems to be more to this story than what we are being told...
joel wiley 1
Good point. Google streetview doesn't show the tower in 2012, so it is fairly recent. It may be the tower is in violation but wasn't noticed till he put the plane in the drive. The plot thickens....
Land of whiners.
joel wiley 1
Looks like it would fit behind the fence if he took the wings off again.
That is if it is this Yale St Oceanside NY.,+Oceanside,+NY+11572/@40.6255155,-73.6566959,131m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x89c2652b9e4e57cb:0x17eeb921593add53
Gene Poon 1
The neighbors are jealous because all they can boast is a BMW.
linbb 1
So, a fellow in Richland WA took his T28 home to work on. Was a reporting point for the neighborhood as directions were, just beyond the airplane in the driveway..... He took it home in one piece by the way about two miles from the airport there. Was back in about two years never heard of any problems having it at his house.
joel wiley 0
Sounds like Least Coast- Best Coast variation to me.
Wayne Farmer 1
I would guess that the chief complainer would be his neighbor across the street with the mansion and the yacht. High property values have the most to lose when the neighborhood starts to look different in any way.
Dave Mathes 1
...I donno', it looks pretty good to me...adds a little class to the neighborhood, and like WeatherWise said, "they should be happy", it could have a big honkin' radial sitting on the that up every couple of days!
Kent Thompson 1
I wonder why he put the wings back on, because it's just going to cost him more money to take them back off, and put them back on again when he has to move it again.
Peter Steitz -1
Good point Kent. I read that he had to take it apart to get it there because he's out of money, going through a divorce and could not pay $150 a month to keep it at the airport. Now, to move will certainly cost more than $150. The guy is a jerk.
David Bartel 1
The QRM has to stop or the LIDs will take over the country one driveway/tower at a time.
sam kuminecz 1
its obvious that you do not own your own aircraft
in todays economy its a luxury to fly more than a few hours a month if your the average joe
they call it the 100 dollar hamburger for a reason

with fuel, maintenance, and other factors its sometimes difficult to find 150 extra dollars a month

its a registered motor vehicle....just with the Feds not the state
people like to complain about everything...some people never happy no matter what you do
aortiz1 1
I don't see what the problem is. He is not hurting anyone or doing anything illegal, even the police said so. Its on his property, he can't fly it and not to be a total jerk, but he won't be around too much longer so leave him alone and quit crying. He made a great point about people having boats in their driveways or beside it on the grass. You cannot enforce a law based on personal opinion. I served 21 years in the military for this?
Someone needs to tell him about PRB-1, he might be able to get around the city with that...depending on what he's using the tower for.
btweston 1
I think it would be kind of cool if some dude down the block had a plane in his driveway. I wonder what they are actually fining him for... I doubt there's a specific ordinance outlawing planes in driveways.
sam kuminecz 1
It's a 150...small enough to fit in a garage
Laurie Biggs 1
Harold's plane looks cool compared with some parked boats in driveways shame on the complainers and city officials, hope you get to fly it again someday Harold.
Nice C150 ! Pretty cool guy in my book
David Stark 1
An airplane dispute will sell more tabloids than a tower dispute, something the Post knows all too well. Really, this qualifies as "news"?
Phillip Clark 1
The only problem with this post is that tarmac is a mixture of tar and macadam that has not been used in 40 or more years because it deteriorates so fast after a little use. Perhaps it was an asphaltic concrete driveway.
joel wiley 1
From the looks of the driveway in Google Earth and Street View, it appears that the composition of an asphaltic concrete nature, and as such, may be accidentally appropriate. Newsies seem to have an affinity for calling anything an airplane lands upon 'tarmac'. In a similar vein, many people refer to most any cola as 'coke'. Some posters appear to feel there are other problems with the post beyond tarmac.
He should tell all his neighbors to pay him $150 a month each to move it back to the airport.
bbabis 1
With neighbors like that, who need enemies? It should be a quick sale but ground delivery may cost more than air delivery at this point.
joel wiley 0
Sounds like Least Coast- Best Coast variation to me.

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babyracer 5
Did you even read the article? Nowhere did it say he "couldn't afford the $150 per month", what was said was “I didn’t want to keep paying if I couldn’t fly”.

Deliberate mis-quoting makes YOU look like the idiot here.
Peter Steitz 1
sparkie, I replied to Kent Thompson the same thing. Something else is going on here. He probably won't sell the plane because his wife wants the cash but not the plane. Either way a HOA or zoning can be a real pain. He obviously spent much more than $150 to move it. $150 a month goes a long way. What about his medical condition? We don't know--he may never get his license.


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