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Watch These Seat Soiling Crosswind Operations From Birmingham, England

The question is why where runways aligned like this ? Available space and flightpath concerns, I suppose. ( Altro...

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It is well known among flight crews that BHX has 'sporting' credentials. What is often omitted by contributors is that BHX was a WW2 airfield built to deliver Spitfire/Hurricane types using airfield relevant to the day though not an active offensive airfield.

Clearly, one would not align the current 15/33 runways for modern operations however it would appear the current set up is working well enough to offer 'divert' facilities and pilots appear to 'enjoy' it! It equates to 'flying' the aircraft rather than watching the 'screens' in front of them and I once witnessed a Wardair DC-10 wing tip touch the runway upon landing on a rather windy day!.

Tesluk, the runway is not at all flat, it does indeed undulate softly over the distance and is not so bad as seen under long lenses!
selby50c 1
sorry...that should be "why were runways. etc." NOT "why WHERE..." sorry about that... mental lapse...
That has to be brutal on the tires.

Makes a good case for landing elsewhere and taking the train.
This is about a mile from the factory where Range Rover cars are made - that was a spitfire fighter plane factory during WW2
wow! talk about vomit comet ! I don't suppose it helps that the runway is shaped like a mountain , great vid !!
preacher1 1
One like that every now and then is one thing. It is a whole different animal to be a scheduled line dawg and have a steady dose of it. Seat Soiling is a tad of understatement. You may soil the seat but you'll ruin a good pair of pants. LOL
Try Toncontin Int'l Airport (Tegucigalpa) MHTG on a normal day
tesluk 1
I've been watching Canadian Geese do the same landings in strong crosswinds! Amazing! Why does the runway look all wavy and not flat or is it just an optical illusion?


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