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British Airways Boeing 787 Dreamliner near Iqaluit on Sep 12th 2018, fumes in cockpit

A British Airways Boeing 787-900, registration G-ZBKA performing flight BA-103 from London Heathrow,EN (UK) to Calgary,AB (Canada), was enroute at FL400 about 150nm north of Iqaluit,NU (Canada) when the crew donned their oxygen masks and decided to divert to Iqaluit reporting fumes on the flight deck. ( Altro...

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CYFB is a great diversion airport but with a population of around 6000 it has limited hotel space for diversion passengers. Having said that it is way better to be on the ground complaining of nowhere to than up in the air wishing you were "down there"
Weird that the crew shut down the engines looking to identify a source of the fumes, when the engines are not even used for environmental/pressurization, but they started the APU and ran all the electrical systems. Clearing the runway so an aircraft overhead with min fuel could land certainly would have been a good idea especially if the emerg. ground equipment observed nothing out of the ordinary.
It's a good thing the airport expanded last year


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