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Airbus Delivers Its First U.S. Ever Built Airliner

Just after 3 years after the groundbreaking of the Airbus In Alabama Brookley Aeroplex, the company delivers to JetBlue its first ever U.S. built airliner. ( Altro...

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Remember when the German's shipped containers of Wuerzburger Hofbrau to the States, and it was bottled here? Same difference.
Can somebody who knows better explain why Airbus is "building" any planes here? They're making the fuselage and tail sections in Europe, and then shipping them together with other parts to be built here. That's an enormous extra cost, and they can't be saving much on labor. Is it merely politics and good PR, or is there a business reason I'm missing?
My understanding is that the labor in Alabama is much cheaper than in Europe. I've also read that airbus would like to get more of the USA DOD pie and that having plants in the USA works in their favor.
Competition is good..


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