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Video: Qatar Airways hits back Airbus on Social Media

DOHA, QATAR — Qatar Airways took their dispute with Airbus to social media with a video showing the damaged exteriors of grounded A350 jets. The Doha-based carrier claims its safety concern is serious and legitimate. ( More...

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If bought a C172 and it peeled that way, would be pretty mad, if bought a LearJet, would be really mad, even if could fly it ! ! !
M20ExecDriver 5
Airbus, When you are in a hole, throw away the shovel.

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Justthefacs 7
Irrelevant comment. Do you work for Airbus or have an interest in their products? Just asking while reading and wondering about your comment.
No I'm just a little more realistic...
mike hanninen 5
Reminds me of the failed auto-body repairs on my 1971 Pinto.
godutch 13
Damn...that is bad. Glaringly bad. Planes parked for years in the desert are don't get THAT bad! Obviously there is an issue with adherence to the composite surfaces!
Gavin Waters 1
Yes there must be (or have been) an issue with the surface coating layers after being in service for some years, but if they are not addressed when first noticed then the effects of water, heat, sun, temperatures will soon exacerbate the condition. It is understood Qatar Airways had these planes parked for months / years without re-coating so the further deterioration will be massive and I guess this is now part of what they will be squabbling over.
Gordon Musch 4
As a traveler that picture makes me very nervous. It looks like Qatar has photo evidence. Now Airbus you need to step up to the plate and explain to me in laymans terms why this is not a big deal. If I looked out the window and saw that on a plane I was going to fly in, I would leave and get off that plane. Well whatever, this will be a litagators dream come true.
Trevor Susman 3
Why doesnt Aibus fix the problem and get to the bottom of it not just say sorry for you ,your plan can still fly until there an accident i would want to fly on one of those planes
Jim Mitchell 3
Don't suppose the 50C+ temperatures in Doha had anything to do with it.
WhiteKnight77 3
It might not be a safety issue like Airbus states, but would be a big economic issue. Rough surfaces eat up fuel.

Both companies need to work together to find a solution, before it is found to be a safety issue.
Wayne Fox 3
Is social media any way to resolve a dispute? He said she said.
lynx318 2
All big companies hire I.T. twits to have social media slinging matches. The real battle is in the courtroom.
wnhanna 2
Actually that would be Marketing or Public Relation's job, not IT's job.
lynx318 2
Close enough for you to get my meaning.
Tim Smith 5
That’ll buff right out
mbrews 8
The video shows various damaged areas on a Qatar A350. The video shows a registration number A7-ALT.

According to, A7-ALT was delivered to Qatar Airways in November 2017. And has been parked at Doha since June 2021. (grounded due to paint defects)
SkyAware123 2
How long DOES paint on these planes normally last? I have no idea.

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Jim Mitchell 3
ha,ha,ha sprucing camels, what a hoot
Rex Bentley 6
If it's got wheels, wings, or boobs, you're going to have trouble with it. Fix the thing and be on your way
Gavin Waters 2
The longer Qatar Airways leaves planes with surface coating defects parked outside without undertaking the remediation that Airbus advises to repair or re-coat, the more deterioration will occur. If you leave cracked paint out in the weather it will soon peel off. Why is this so hard for Qatar Airways to understand and do something about?
Jim Mitchell 1
They don't think that 50C+ is even warm.
Gordon Musch 4
50 C is about 122 degrees F. For planes flying at 35,000 feet the air temp is about -54 C and this is about -65 F. They should of been engineered to withstand temps to both extremes. And if you have ever been to Hamad or Dubai, there are enormous number of planes just sitting in the full sun all the time. If both sides had approached this like a quality assurance/control issue and worked the information correctly, they would know what is happening, why it is happening and also what to do about it. An A350 costs about 350 million. I would not want that sort of investment just sitting there. I would want it flying to generate revenue.
Worked for an airline that bought some of the first low power A320. They lasted around 20 years and got parked.
lynx318 1
Struth, they look like the dodge-em cars at Chernobyl. Starts with peeled paint, then hairline cracks, soon enough ... CrAsH!!
Roger Curtiss 1
Kind of curious as to why it is only Qatar that is reporting this problem. If no other airline has this issue then it does seem to make Qatar's procedures suspect and complicit.

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Typical Airbus garbage.


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