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First Royal Canadian Air Force C295 makes maiden flight

Seville, 5 July 2019 - The first Airbus C295, purchased by the Government of Canada for the Royal Canadian Air Force’s (RCAF) Fixed Wing Search and Rescue Aircraft Replacement (FWSAR) program, has completed its maiden flight, marking a key milestone towards delivery by the end of 2019 to begin operational testing by the RCAF. The aircraft, designated CC-295 for the Canadian customer, took off from Seville, Spain, on 4 July at 20:20 local time (GMT+1) and landed back on site one hour and 27… ( Altro...

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Cansojr -3
I am sure that this is a fine aircraft. However, why on earth didn't build these at De Havilland in Toronto. I'm sure we have the technical skills to build such an aircraft in Canada. We have the skills but it is the bungling Trudeau regime who screwed this up. Nothing against Spain but this aircraft should have been built in Canada. The RAF have contracted specialty aircraft from BOMBARDIER.
rapidwolve 14
Ummmm...I'm not defending Trudope, but the FWSAR procurement procedure was started back in mid 2015 (it was actually started back in 2003 and Viking and Bombardier did submit at that time but all that got shelved before it even got off the ground). Bombardier refused to put forth a contender this time because it meant a complete new aircraft program for them (the Dash 8 modified wasn't even to be considered) and the Buffalo was now considered to be too small so Viking Air did not either.
Remember that C295 will have quite a bit of Canada in and supporting it. P&W engines, L3 Wescam EO/IR yurret, CAE is building the training units and Provincial Aerospace will provide support in conjunction with Airbus Canada.
Yes, there are actually a few paragraphs in the text explaining the benefits to Canada, but it’s easier to bitch when one does not read the complete text.
Mike Collyer -3
Why indeed, another puzzling deal.
Fantastic plane. It´s a Pity that Airbus has erased any capability of Seville Factory to design small transport/Multitask planes. It seems as if Germany wanted to control everything, and spanish politicians allow it.
rapidwolve 2 not kid yourself...Spain is very important to Airbus with it's ability to design, engineer and manufacture composites. Don't forget, it also is the main section where tooling gets designed and made and that is a whole lot of important. And U think it would be HQ that would stipulate who designs what.
matt jensen -2

Reminds me of the C119
BaronG58 1
Hey Matt! It's the mission of the C295 that reminds you of the C119. Right? I looked and looked at the picture of C295 and saw no resemblance. :) As a kid in the 50's I would spend hours watching the C-119 take-off and land at Ellington Air Force Base in Houston. To this day the C-119 still fascinates me.
Dhrur Jagat 1
More RCAF news...


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