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Aer Lingus launches Dublin to Cleveland route, the first European-Ohio connection

Irish Flag Carrier Aer Lingus is making headlines this week with the launch of a new route from Dublin to Cleveland, Ohio, USA. ( More...

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drpepper 5
Much better article here. Details the route being 90% sold out for the first several eerks, the $12mil in price supports Aer Lingus received, and the local trade delegation on the first flight.
jwmson 3
This is not the "first Ohio-European connection". Years ago, the old Continental Airline had a non-stop from Cleveland to Cardiff, Wales,UK.
Joyce West 2
Continental also had a nonstop from CLE to London Gatwick.
Peter Fuller 1
The three important words “Since The Pandemic” from the headline on the aeroexplorer article were left off the squawk headline.
Victor Hugo 1
... and Cleveland to Paris, France as well.
dxk77 1
In the late 1990s Continental had a nonstop from Cleveland to Gatwick using the 757. There have also been a few attempts at Cleveland-Keflavik (Wow and Icelandair) and none of them turned out well.
Roger Curtiss 2
I give it a year before low load factors make it unprofitable.
mark archacki 1
Funny you would not think that SEA would have so many overseas non stops as it isn't much larger than CLE?
Cessna157 1
Cincinnati currently has service to Paris and London, and historically has had many more routes. While CVG May technically be in KY, it obviously serves SW OHIo.
Gene Joy 1
not technically....actually. Instead of building an airport between Cinci and Dayton they built one in each.
Doug Zalud 1
This could be nice. Hopkins has been looking dead during the day for awhile now. The gates are always looking empty when I drive by. It's very sad.

I remember when there were always aircraft in the gates all day long. But then, that also included YS-11's, and other turbo-props, Dash's, and so on. Cargo planes like Beech 18's from the west side by NASA coming from Sundorph.

I miss the 80's and prior.
John Giambone 1
Doesnt Delta still fly CVG-CDG?
Cactus732 6
Yes, but CVG airport is in Kentucky.
Larry Toler 1
Cleveland is on the north side of Ohio, and it's another major city. Cleveland's airport can serve other areas in the upper regions like parts of upstate NY and PA that aren't served by mainline flying.
Thomas Lillis IV 1
I'm in Columbus and I'm seriously thinking of taking advantage of this. Hopkins is about a two hour drive - that's what it took me to get from CT to JFK.

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btweston 2
You are the master of self awareness.
Roy Hunte 2
Or in his case rarely commenting anything of value.


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