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Downed Russian fighter jets are being found with basic GPS 'taped to the dashboards,' UK defense minister says

Russia is taping basic GPS devices to its fighter jets' dashboards, the UK's defense minister said. Ben Wallace said this was due to "the poor quality" of Russia's own navigation systems. Russia's military hardware, much of which appears outdated, is being tested as the invasion drags on. Wrecked Russian fighter jets are being found with rudimentary GPS receivers "taped to the dashboards" in Ukraine because their inbuilt navigation systems are so bad, the… ( More...

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Cam Mandel 26
I think one has to look at the history of corruption in Russia. I have personal friends who did a lot of business in Russia after the fall of the USSR. Several of them became multi billionaires with the dealers there. You do not end up with so many very rich boorish people in a country if they are taking care of the "people" a large percentage of the billions and billions spent on Russias defence infrastructure from small arms to medical supplies to aircraft avionics has been and is still being diverted to line the pockets of Oligarchs and the multi levels of people who protect them.
If a true audit was done on the Russian military procurement system over the past 20 years I would place a wager that less than 30% of the vast sums actually went to buying hardware to replace the cold war era equipment that has been on full display in this conflict.
wjm100 11
Good observations. I would add that the Russians have not replaced most of their Soviet-era weapon systems -- they have just upgraded them. They only have about 20 of their modern-design T-14 tanks -- just enough for parades. The people fighting have to make due with T-72s and their upgrades. They finally have a stealth fighter, the Su-57. They have 15 of them. They can't afford to manufacturer these advanced weapon systems in quantity. Are commercial GPS units on the sanctions list? If so, Russian planes will start landing in Warsaw and the pilots won't want to go home.
butylkus -9
No more than 1% of warforces used at ukronazi area. The pimary of operation is not allow ukronazi kill civilians or use em as a shield. Start thinking, if you still can.
Bob Harrington 7
That would be because the other 99% is broken and unusable. The rest of those lies are pure Pooty BS.
Paul Ipolito 17
LOL. If a "true audit" were done, the auditors and the report would be "Putinized" and never seen or heard from again.
Chuck Lavazzi 9
Yes, this is what happens in a kleptocracy. When you put "businessmen" in charge of everything with little or no oversight, they line their pockets and tell themselves what smart guys they are.
rbt schaffer 18
Probably got their cellphone strapped to the dash with Google Maps
Richard Haas 1
That appears to be the case in this AN-2 going from Uzbekistan to Sokh at 14:08:
cparks 5
I saw a YT video awhile back that featured an SU-25 Frogfoot cockpit. It had a Garmin 496 on the panel.
Leander Williams 7
So Putin is telling all the pilots to BYOG?? [Bring your own Garmins]
LHBfans 4
I used often to visit Moscow for work in the Soviet 1980s. Once I was there just before a big parade and my hotel (Intourist) was right on Tverskaya St running down to Red Square. The street was full of tanks and other machinery all belching filthy diesel smoke, and throbbingly noisy. We were not allowed outside but it looked fearsome, though decrepit. I thought “this lot will stop moving when they break a fan belt”.
Kevin Sparks 6
They had to pay for all of those yachts they're trying to hide all around the world somehow. Some of those things are probably better equipped than their aircraft carriers.
Thomas Lillis IV 3
The original remarks are here:

Not bad for a politician. Mr. Wallace is on the short list to take over at NATO. Unfortunately, he doesn’t give details about the “GPS” in the SU-34. Was the civilian device used because the Mil-spec one didn’t work or was it because the Russian Forces use GLONASS and the US “GPS” has better utility.
Zack Jones 5
Garmins were used for years in the U.S. military C-130s I flew as a navigator in at least until 2012. We used hook and loop (generic Velcro) to mount them at the Nav station since the mil-spec GPS was so problematic. I don’t know if they are still used as a backup/augment.
chugheset 6
So basically, the Russians are doing what 80% of private pilots in the US do...
Stefan Sobol 4
There was a time when the US wasn't much better. Pilots were putting (modified) Fuzzbusters in their cockpits as radar warning receivers. These were to replace military RWRs costing $500k ea.
Bill Butler 2
We did that because Iran tossed out the Shah and went full Koran. We had given them Hawk systems. Never expecting that they could be used against us. A trip to Radio Shack was the most expedient. Carriers were deploying. Late '70s.
WhiteKnight77 4
It is not hard to believe. While they have refloated and "repaired" their sub fleet, who knows how well they will operate.

Recent reports also state that the Russians are using computer chips from dishwashers and refrigerators in order to fix tanks, as well as using other ancient hardware to keep them running mechanically.

And, while all this is happening, do not trust the Chinese. They have been working to place troops around the world and even Australia is worried that the latest deal the Chinese worked out for The Solomon Islands will place the Chinese
WhiteKnight77 5
...there as well. China will be working to take Taiwan in the near future.
mike goodsell 1
Can you flesh this out for us?
WhiteKnight77 7
Notice what has been happening in the Spratly Islands where China built military bases by dredging and placing said materials on reefs just below the surface of the water.

Of late, the Chinese Air Force has been encroaching closer and closer to Taiwan, leading Taiwan to put its military on aler.

And, I can guarantee that China is watching what is going on with Okinawa (previously stationed there) and them wanting the US to remove US military units from the island.

This even includes the air station I was stationed at due to building too much around it. If the US leaves (such as happened in The Philippines due to politics), you can bet China would work to move in so as to completely surround Taiwan.

As it is, there are other islands that China is claiming as theirs closer to Japan.

And finally, farmers on an island closer to Taiwan that are part of the Ryukyu chain of islands that make up Okinawa Perfecture, want the JSDF to remove the military from there as well.

China has been trying to expand its area of influence and that includes in countries of Africa. China has been wanting to reunite Taiwan with the mainland and bring it back into the communist sphere of influence. With what has happened with Hong Kong, do you honestly think Taiwan really wants to be ru8led by said government?
Tim Dyck 3
China has been “helping” other countries to modernize their ports but every port China modernizes is based on their own Navy’s requirements to operate from that port. China has surpassed the USA in the size of their navy but lacks Carriers so unlike the USA they need foreign bases to operate from. Now with their hypersonic missiles the US Carriers can be neutralized without China needing air superiority, and once the carriers are gone the US navy has lost it’s biggest advantage.
butylkus -1
Facepalm. Do you believe that crap? The only viktory of ukronazi killers is that you believe in some kind of parallel universe.
J B 3
Would these be the same satellite guidance systems they would use for their nuclear-armed ICBMs?
Brent Elliott 3
Assuming this story is truthful, it seems pretty odd that a country with its own state run GNSS constellation (GLONASS) doesn't have the wherewithal to keep the avionics GNSS receivers working in a manner that their crews can use them. Probably using GPS constellation to boot....SMH..
wjm100 8
What we are learning is that the Russian military, like the Soviet one before it, cuts corners on maintenance and the personnel steal equipment and supplies.
hhwff 1
A bit of a misleading headline.... doesn't say whether or not the aircraft had other more sophisticated equipment installed. I recall flying the pacific in an aircraft with triple GNS installations.... and we still additionally programmed a hand held battery powered Garmin..... just in case.....
Bob Harrington 3
What? No sextant? ;^)
Leander Williams 1
I don't think Ukraine should have announced that it was arming every citizen. That means that everyone now becomes a target. Let's hope that Putin doesn't bring out the Russian B-52 [TU-95 Bear], and start employing carpet bombing. You can bet your bottom dollar they can find the general target area and the results won't be pretty.
Tim Dyck 0
They might as well considering Ukraine is using cluster munitions in the Donbas. But the western media is ignoring that.
StephenV 1
Not surprised at all. The US Navy was doing it in 1997. During night quals to certify the flightdeck on a CVN, An F-14 Tomcat trapped and the pilot's ejection seat fired him THROUGH the canopy leaving the RIO in the back seat flashbind and completely unaware what just happened. Meanwhile, the RIO had NO idea why the pliot left. He is scared to death to pull his lever because he doesn't know if he will go through the canopy as well AND he cannot reach the throttle. There it sits, on the wire at full afterburner and nobody knows what to do. They tried drowning the engines with the firemain and all they did was make steam. They ended up strapping an Airman into a harness and lowering him through the hole in the canopy to pull back the throttle. The pilot was picked up by the lifeguard ship and suffered cuts and bruises but was otherwise unhurt. Grumman swore up and down that was impossible because there is a sequence of events (canopy pops, back seat fires, front seat fires) and the pilot WILL NOT get shot through the canopy, let alone leave the RIO behind. They flew out a couple of engineers and finally figured out what happened. The RIO had an unauthorized personal GPS strapped in the back seat. When they trapped, the GPS broke free and hit the firing pin on the pilot's ejection seat tossing the pilot through the canopy.
lynx318 1
Lets buy a new car but don't use the inbuilt GPS, you might end up in the sea.....
Bill Overdue -8
I don't believe this for a second. Propaganda? Why?
Chuck Lavazzi 12
Russia is a kleptocracy. Corruption is endemic there. What's not to believe? This is exactly what one would expect from such a system.
Stephanie Noble 1
100% agree.
Paul Ipolito -7
I would like to have the trillions of dollars spent on the arms race to defend against this clown country to use for medical care and lower drug costs wouldn't you? The system we were told was invincible and would bury us was incapable of fighting a ground war that would have lasted more than a week. 60 years later they are still incapable. But on the other hand, when was the last time we won a war? Fire when ready MAGAnites!

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Stephanie Noble -8

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rbt schaffer 12
Shurrrre.... just like their 'smart bombs' land just about anywhere but their targets and many are duds.... The fancy GPS's are all floating on the yachts owned by those who sucked the military contracts dry... ie Putins pals...
Leigh Hearn 15
I think that the UK defence minister has a much higher credibility rating than anyone speaking on behalf of the Kremlin. Multiple photos of destroyed apartment buildings and quote”We don’t target civilians.”
Or really lousy GPS targeting!
N K 5
It should be very good tape to survive airstrike and a crash. Did the minister specified which brand? I would buy some.
Tom Pips 6
Any brand wrapped around several times will do bro.
While not a popular thought - the leaders of Ukraine OPENLY said they are 'arming every man, woman and grandmother', every person is a potential threat to a Russian soldier and a valid target. It also is stupid to 'play nice' at war the like US does for some stupid reason.

From there, the Russians could not copy our Space Shuttle, Air Craft and on and on on...not even with the ability to reverse engineer them (Russians do build the worlds largest microchips). I have no doubt that there may be a Garmin in a Russian jet...with the US controlling 'Space' and having the ability to kill any RF wth AWACS (multi-nation). Who knows what is and is not running for Russian military resources. If China starts to source more the electronics in the Russian arsenal, well, then we have a whole new ball game.

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Tim Dyck 3
Strange how after the media has been caught lying so many times in the last few years yet people choose to blindly believe it now. Try reading media out of Hungary and Romania, they are closer to the action and don’t like either side so they are less biased.
butylkus 1
Exactly, man. Dont believe anything, Truth can not be hidden, GNSS much more precize than GPS, but you shouldnt know that because you will ask for your furer answer where are those billions we have spent for GPS?
Rob Banks 0
Jim DeTour -5
I really believe the UK organization along with Ukraine's. Their retreats, avoiding major battles and talk about how great they are doing while viewing smoldering Ukraine is so encouraging to be a total fool like them. Reminds me of hearing a crack addict rambling in public. They sure captured the public's attention that's for sure.
D Rotten -9
It's amazing what the LOW IQs will believe. Hysterical!
butylkus -3
Show me real image of "downed". Haven't it? Oh, there are no downed? Oh, there are only very old ukronazi vehicles? Oooops...


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