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Man Pleads Guilt to Pointing Laser at Aircraft

A Mississippi man plead guilty to aiming a laser pointer at airplanes on approach to Memphis International Airport, the hub for FedEx. ( More...

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Robert Brady 11
Glad they got him. Dangerous and stupid activity.
jmilleratp 11
Throw him in Federal Prison for at least a year and put him on a no-fly list for many years, at least.
WhiteKnight77 7
He, and anyone else who does such, should all be charged with attempted murder as well as using a laser on an aircraft. It most definitely good that they caught him. lets hope that more get caught in the future.
Gary Beard 5
Does anyone know why people do this? What their motivation is?
If he was trying to get a plane to crash then he should be up on attempted murder charges for every person on every plane.
Tim ONeill 7
This a a good argument for allowing public caning.

Probably not a laser pointer though, it's likely a Class 3 (dangerous) laser commonly used for outdoor light shows.
Roch Comeau 2
Sorry, did not read the article which obviously answers my question!
Bob Denny 3
Pinhead. I’ve been lased in a helicopter twice. It’s not all horrible and blinding like they make it out to be, but still it’s really stupid to distract air crews like that. It definitely lights up the cockpit etc. Some pinhead was lasing jets on final at LAX the other night. Sheesh!
Roch Comeau 3
I saw one as a passenger. I imagine the passenger window is less clear (with the sometimes aging plastic layer) but still concerning.

How do they actually find the person? Kind of like looking for a needle in a haystack?
Roch Comeau 2
Sorry, did not read the article which clearly answered my question!
Obrigado Jim Bernwell , pelas informações estou como menbro a pouco tempo na FlightAwere , mais com muito orgulho em fazer parte desta familia , é o que precisamos nos tempos de hoje , estou no Brazil um abraço do amigo Jose Flavio .
Julian Joffe 1
I think he may get off - with an insanity plea because he definitely has a loose screw somewhere
Gene Greneker 0
Landing aircraft noise most likely drove him to temporary insane action.


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