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Boeing sued by longtime parts maker

Leonardo, an aerospace and defense giant based in Italy, filed a lawsuit Monday against Boeing, just hours after Muilenburg’s termination. ( Altro...

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Chris B 1
Wonder if anyone at Boeing has considered Leonardo's importance to the 787 program as a supplier of 14% of the airframe. And the new MH139 helicopter

Like all relationships. Its complicated.
sharon bias 0
And this surprises anyone? Every vendor is going to be lining up at the Boeing trough to try and get a financial meal. Some vendors will go out of business over this. If Boeing had been trying to keep their vendors happy, rather than their shareholders, things might have gone differently.
Torsten Hoff 2
It would be irresponsible and a dereliction of their duties if Boeing’s management had put the interests of their vendors above those of their shareholders.
If you make/deliver parts for me and I don't pay you, don't line up at my trough trying to get a financial meal.

Either what I just wrote sounds reasonable to you, or you didn't read the article. One of the two...


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