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Nepal plane crash caused by emotionally disturbed captain

A plane crash at Nepal’s international airport that killed 51 people happened because the captain suffered an “emotional breakdown”, a leaked draft of the official investigation has found. ( Altro...

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Mawuli Tse 7
Sadly, he proved his critics right.
smoking is bad for you.....
This report suggests the captain was distracting the copilot—who happens to be a woman—landing at Kathmandu for the first time. Captain was probably checking the skills of the copilot to prove his superiority, so instead of helping the copilot, or taking over control he kept distracting her. It is a very sad story with a sad ending. We never expect this from a skilled military pilot.
First Officer probably should have said” ok, boss, you have control”. Much easier to manage an out of sorts Captain and assist then to try and fly a first time approach and babysit him at the same time.
I think that you will find that in most Asian airlines it is a career ending death sentence for the First Officer to even suggest that he take over for The Captain unless told to by The Captain himself.
Well, in this instance the FAILURE to make such a suggestion was a career ending death sentence, wasn't it?
Unless I miss my guess, you misunderstand what Highflyer1950 is saying.
He did, but that’s ok.
It is a bad mix. Asian captain & young female copilot. I flew with Asian copilots for a year after
Pan Am. Was told Do not give copilot landing. He is there to do things for you Captain. Now mix in the Asian thoughts about capabilities of females and how she is trying to do a MANS work. Then quiz her during a critical landing phase and who is going to lose face???
Now there is CRM for you. Most old guys seem to forget that you can pretty well size up a good talent when you see it, male or female. Given the right amount of confidence most of these FO’s can fly rings around the old fart (me), with my “say again” and eyeglasses way down on my nose! Seriously though it was very seldom we let an FO operate in a challenging airport for the first time. Better to fly it yourself and have them watch and learn the approach. Then let them fly it a better perspective. Reminds me of AA in Cali, Columbia.
Very good insight Clarence; you pegged it.
Omg give it a break.
Pete48y -3
OMG ObamaMustGo
Both the crew were disoriented and never regained their orientation.


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