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The impact of insurance on medical reform (BasicMed)

While many pilots are anxiously awaiting May 1, when third class medical reform becomes reality, others are facing a problem: Their insurance companies are requiring an FAA medical in spite of the new reforms, now called BasicMed by the FAA. ( Altro...

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bbabis 2
Nothing has changed. Unless you self insure the insurance companies have always had the ultimate call of what you can and can't do in your aircraft. Maybe in time insurance companies could adopt a good-to-go clause that says, "If you're legal, you're good to go."
Does this really surprise anyone and do you really think the FAA didn't have this in their back pocket all the time? POTUS - talk with your pilot!
He is not interested. It does not affect him . Particularly now as he has USAF pilots at his command.


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