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Pilots on alert for high-flying vulture

LONDON — Britain's air traffic controllers put pilots on alert this week after a vulture which can soar as high as 30,000 feet escaped from her handlers during a display. Gandalf, a seven-year-old Ruppell's Vulture with a three-meter wingspan, has not been seen since she caught a warm thermal during a show at the World of Wings center in North Lanarkshire, Scotland, on Tuesday. ( Altro...

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Great to see PETA hasn't been alerted to this problem, they will ask the UN to halt all flights above 12,500 feet until they have all landed and ask pilots to fly below 150 knots....
send up a few air force jet to look for it and have some shooting pratice......
I flew right by it. It winked at me.
indy2001 0
I certainly have mixed feelings about this one. The bird is a perfect example of how efficient nature can be in designing flying objects, and I'd hate to see it hurt or killed. But it would be even worse if human lives are lost in a collision. Hopefully they will be able to lure him back to safety.
What a comical warning. As if any craft flying that high and that fast will have any idea if they just passed a single bird.
Perhaps the next time they let it go, they should equip it with a transponder or radar reflector, or perhaps handicap it with weights as in horse racing, so that it can only achieve 500 feet.


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