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Airbus A300F4-600 (N674FE) - Deicing in progress at Appleton International during a heavy wet January snow storm. br /Top Beacon light gives "effect".
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Airbus A300F4-600 (N674FE)


Deicing in progress at Appleton International during a heavy wet January snow storm.
Top Beacon light gives "effect".


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Nice shot, Ken! Thought at first glance they were using a flame thrower instead of glycol :) Well done! 5*
ken kemperPhoto Uploader
Hey thank you Dave………

A flame thrower would be a lot more fun and tricky !!
Alex Plumey
They had us in the first half, not gonna lie
Ike Harel
Hello Ken,
A marvelous effect of the deicing process, something we do not see in israel.
Pilots inside warm & comfy, drinking coffee :)
Nick Fenton
Another awesome photo! I really like the look of that being de-iced! Outside it is like a blizzard and everyone is freezing and inside those pilots will be sitting in their seats drinking hot chocolate or something! One question though: I'm zooming in and the tail number doesn't look like N717FD, it looks like N674FE or something like that. Is that just me?
Gary Schenauer
@FSXBoeing ... Nope, it isn't just you. FDX puts the reg number numerals on the nose gear doors and you are correct ... this is "674." And the name under the window is "Thea" which IS the name on Fed Ex's 674.
Good eye ...
Nick Fenton
Alright, thanks for telling me! Anyway, this is a 5-star photo!
Gary Schenauer
It definitely is! I'd give it more than 5 if possible. And I can certainly understand Ken having a difficult time catching the reg. Last Sunday, I was out taking clicks during a snowfall and I had a similar difficulty determining the correct reg of a couple of a/c I snapped. For one of the jets I'd shot, I had to research the reg on the computer when I got home.
Nick Fenton
Oh yeah! Hats off to him for getting this wonderful pic!
ken kemperPhoto Uploader
Gary & FSX Boeing.......

You 2 are right....I had the wrong number on my pic.
I just made the N Number Change on the Fed Ex Airbus.

Thank you for noticing.
Nick Fenton
You're all good! No worries! Great photo! One of the best I've seen so far!
Eliza D
Beautiful photo!
Desideri una ricerca completa dello storico di N674FE dal 1998? Acquista adesso. Lo riceverai entro un'ora
Data Aeromobile Origine Destinazione Partenza Arrivo Durata
04/dic/2021 A306Int'l di Memphis ()Columbia Metro () 04:12 CST 06:15 EST 1:02
03/dic/2021 A306Lehigh Valley Intl ()Int'l di Memphis () 21:45 EST 23:00 CST 2:14
03/dic/2021 A306Int'l di Memphis ()Lehigh Valley Intl () 03:48 CST 06:40 EST 1:52
02/dic/2021 A306Bob Hope ()Int'l di Memphis () 19:15 PST 00:38 CST (+1) 3:22
02/dic/2021 A306Int'l di Memphis ()Bob Hope () 16:18 CST 17:42 PST 3:24
02/dic/2021 A306Int'l di Dallas-Fort Worth ()Int'l di Memphis () 10:12 CST 11:11 CST 0:59
02/dic/2021 A306Int'l di El Paso ()Int'l di Dallas-Fort Worth () 05:58 MST 08:14 CST 1:16
02/dic/2021 A306Fort Worth Alliance ()Int'l di El Paso () 04:39 CST 04:50 MST 1:11
01/dic/2021 A306Int'l di San Antonio ()Fort Worth Alliance () 22:43 CST 23:22 CST 0:39
01/dic/2021 A306Laredo Intl ()Int'l di San Antonio () 20:39 CST 21:04 CST 0:25
01/dic/2021 A306Int'l di Phoenix ()Laredo Intl () 15:48 MST 18:44 CST 1:56
01/dic/2021 A306Philadelphia Intl ()Int'l di Phoenix () 12:13 EST 14:42 MST 4:28
01/dic/2021 A306Int'l di Indianapolis ()Philadelphia Intl () 09:41 EST 10:55 EST 1:14
01/dic/2021 A306internazionale di Washington-Dulles ()Int'l di Indianapolis () 02:43 EST 03:54 EST 1:10
30/nov/2021 A306Int'l di Pittsburgh ()internazionale di Washington-Dulles () 19:37 EST 20:08 EST 0:30
30/nov/2021 A306Int'l di Memphis ()Int'l di Pittsburgh () 15:51 CST 18:15 EST 1:23
30/nov/2021 A306Portland Intl Jetport ()Int'l di Memphis () 09:11 EST 10:59 CST 2:48
30/nov/2021 A306Int'l di Memphis ()Portland Intl Jetport () 04:09 CST 07:39 EST 2:29
29/nov/2021 A306Int'l di Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson ()Int'l di Memphis () 19:24 CST 21:30 CST 2:05
29/nov/2021 A306Int'l di Memphis ()Int'l di Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson () 03:36 CST 06:20 CST 2:43
28/nov/2021 A306Mobile Downtown ()Int'l di Memphis () 17:36 CST 18:34 CST 0:57
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