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Airbus A300F4-600 (N671FE) - A cockpit mirror image seen in the melted snow and deicing solution.<br /><br />A late winter day in Appleton.
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Airbus A300F4-600 (N671FE)


A cockpit mirror image seen in the melted snow and deicing solution.

A late winter day in Appleton.


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Gavin Hughes
Beautifully caught in that light. It's starting to get cool in the mornings here at last, and while we MAY get lighting to match, we'll never see conditions like you have (snow and ice).
ken kemperPhoto Uploader

Love to receive comments from "Down Under" ...........

this morning in Appleton WI (we are about 200 miles north of Chicago) April 21 it is 27 F with a wind chill in the low teens. Had strong thunderstorms yesterday with temps at 62F.
Gavin Hughes
Once in a rare while in winter we can get 32 F but that's uncommon, and you ought to hear the complaining when that happens! My partner and I however, love it. Bring on winter. Mind you, we don't live with it for months as you do.
ken kemperPhoto Uploader

It has been a very cold April here although the winter was somewhat mild. Looking forward to some weather in the low 60 F region next week. I enjoy some of the small river fishing in Wisconsin for smallmouth bass (all catch and release) in my canoe and Wisconsin does have some nice scenery although no real mountains.

Enjoy your winter,or more like a fall day here. And hope that Australia does not have much spread of Covid-19.

Take care and a pleasure posting comments with you Gavin.
Burrr! The picture very well conveys the cold morning.
ken kemperPhoto Uploader
Thank you Big Al !!
Gavin Hughes
Thanks Ken and ditto with the comments. We APPEAR to be getting on top of the Covid-19 rather quickly due to rapid action by state and federal authorities. We must just hope no one jumps the gun and we get a second wave, which is the big fear everywhere of course. Enjoy your fishing!
ken kemperPhoto Uploader
Thank you Gavin...........

Wisconsin is fairing better than the Northeast USA but we have had local outbreaks of Covid-19 at meat packing plants....tough to social distance I guess and everyone must use the same cutting tools.

Enjoy your weekend.

I should ask what Australian city you reside in
Gavin Hughes
Hello Ken, I'm in Adelaide, South Australia. Just in case...if you were interested in private contact, you can go onto Airhistory.net, look up my name, select any of my pics and you'll find 'contact photographer'. That will send me an email to which I can reply and after that it's normal contact. It's a brilliant way of vetting contacts.
Gary Schenauer
Another Absolutely Awesome capture, Ken. Easily worth twice FA's max rating. And a truly sincere TY to you for catching and sharing a REAL reflected image. So, so many of the reflected image pics being posted nowadays are PS created fakes. They are so easy to spot because PS has yet to find a way to get around the one very obvious clue that gives away the fakes from the "actuals." So I congratulate you and Thank You again for sharing this superbly REAL reflection shot.
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Data Aeromobile Origine Destinazione Partenza Arrivo Durata
20/giu/2021 A306Int'l di Memphis ()Int'l di Tampa () 18:27 CDT 20:50 EDT 1:23
19/giu/2021 A306internazionale John F. Kennedy ()Int'l di Memphis () 08:54 EDT 10:03 CDT 2:08
18/giu/2021 A306Int'l di Indianapolis ()internazionale John F. Kennedy () 09:28 EDT 11:06 EDT 1:38
18/giu/2021 A306Int'l di Pittsburgh ()Int'l di Indianapolis () 06:18 EDT 07:06 EDT 0:48
18/giu/2021 A306Int'l di Indianapolis ()Int'l di Pittsburgh () 04:21 EDT 05:04 EDT 0:43
17/giu/2021 A306Int'l di Nashville ()Int'l di Indianapolis () 23:58 CDT 01:40 EDT (+1) 0:41
17/giu/2021 A306Int'l di Richmond ()Int'l di Nashville () 22:19 EDT 22:35 CDT 1:15
17/giu/2021 A306Int'l di Memphis ()Int'l di Richmond () 18:20 CDT 20:55 EDT 1:34
17/giu/2021 A306internazionale di Charlotte ()Int'l di Memphis () 08:30 EDT 08:46 CDT 1:15
17/giu/2021 A306Int'l di Indianapolis ()internazionale di Charlotte () 04:11 EDT 05:12 EDT 1:01
16/giu/2021 A306Int'l di Tampa ()Int'l di Indianapolis () 08:28 EDT 10:22 EDT 1:53
16/giu/2021 A306Int'l di Indianapolis ()Int'l di Tampa () 05:19 EDT 06:57 EDT 1:38
16/giu/2021 A306Int'l di Nashville ()Int'l di Indianapolis () 00:32 CDT 02:12 EDT 0:39
15/giu/2021 A306Int'l di Richmond ()Int'l di Nashville () 22:41 EDT 22:57 CDT 1:16
15/giu/2021 A306Int'l di Memphis ()Int'l di Richmond () 18:19 CDT 20:51 EDT 1:31
15/giu/2021 A306Int'l di Salt Lake City ()Int'l di Memphis () 10:14 MDT 13:50 CDT 2:35
15/giu/2021 A306Int'l di El Paso ()Int'l di Salt Lake City () 05:34 MDT 07:15 MDT 1:40
15/giu/2021 A306Fort Worth Alliance ()Int'l di El Paso () 04:10 CDT 04:19 MDT 1:08
14/giu/2021 A306Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson ()Fort Worth Alliance () 23:40 EDT 00:18 CDT (+1) 1:38
11/giu/2021 A306Int'l di Tampa ()Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson () 11:58 EDT 13:07 EDT 1:09
11/giu/2021 A306Int'l di Indianapolis ()Int'l di Tampa () 09:03 EDT 10:57 EDT 1:53
10/giu/2021 A306Int'l di Bradley ()Int'l di Indianapolis () 22:07 EDT 23:52 EDT 1:44
10/giu/2021 A306Int'l di Indianapolis ()Int'l di Bradley () 16:40 EDT 18:13 EDT 1:32
10/giu/2021 A306Int'l Boston-Logan ()Int'l di Indianapolis () 09:54 EDT 11:40 EDT 1:46
10/giu/2021 A306Newark-Liberty ()Int'l Boston-Logan () 04:03 EDT 04:39 EDT 0:35
09/giu/2021 A306Rickenbacker Intl ()Newark-Liberty () 23:41 EDT 00:52 EDT (+1) 1:10
09/giu/2021 A306Int'l di Memphis ()Rickenbacker Intl () 06:53 CDT 09:04 EDT 1:11
08/giu/2021 A306Int'l di Tulsa ()Int'l di Memphis () 23:25 CDT 00:20 CDT (+1) 0:54
08/giu/2021 A306Int'l di Memphis ()Int'l di Tulsa () 20:35 CDT 21:26 CDT 0:51
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