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De Havilland Canada Twin Otter (01-3803)
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De Havilland Canada Twin Otter (01-3803)



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William , great blend of colors , composition , reflection.............very creative .
fantastic photo!
William VavrekPhoto Uploader
Thanks :)!!! It was a fun shoot.
Dwight Hartje
Well composed shot! Seen in Daily Newsletter!
Roland Jacobs
Mooie weerspiegeling
That's an RCAF SAR aircraft, so why does it have an American registry attributed to it? Note the Maple Leaf roundels and the Canadian flag on the tail. The number is likely the RCAF number, sans "N," so it would correctly be 13803. Otherwise, a wonderful photo of an old workhorse.
Trennor - The "American" FAA registration number you are referencing is a result of Flight Aware's data entry method, which automatically affixes a "N" prefix in front of any string of digits. An exception, however, is when there is a dash (-) placed in that string.

If you were to upload any photos, you would likely already have noticed this glitch.
sam kuminecz
Put a 0 in front of the number and the n goes away from the serial number
Gilles Lavoie
You may have the best camera in the world, if the guy behind is not creative,you will have a very ordinary picture. This is not the case here
Bravo Mr. Vavrek.
sam kuminecz
Nine DeHavilland Canada DHC-6-300 Twin Otters have served as CC-138s. Today, only four RCAF Twin Otters remain in service with 440 Transport Squadron out of Yellowknife, NT – 13802, 13803, 13804, and 13805 – all four having originally entered service in 1971.
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