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KC135 on the ramp at Bangor, Maine


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Classic! Maybe taken from a Sabreliner, looking at the slats...
Peter WestPhoto Uploader
Thanks for the comment Chris, taken from a Falcon 900EX today
Thanks Peter for the great shot from the Falcon.
Ian Moult
Great photo. Any idea what all that black is on the ground?
Ron Carver
Ian, the black areas may be de-icing?
Nearly identical to a photo that Peter uploaded earlier this year, but with more snow in this pic. Nicely done!
Peter WestPhoto Uploader
MB8497 - you're right, this image is similar to the earlier shot at Bangor - but this one is both sharper and slightly better exposed. It's an interesting image and I am delighted other subscribers to Flight Aware seem to agree with us. Have a Happy Christmas!
It gives a new meaning to heated driveway, doesn't it, Peter!?
Mike Taylor
Reminds me of my station at Griffis AFB SAC base 1971-1975. Brings back memories.


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