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Douglas DC-3 (N146RD)



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Lewis Tripp
Super pic, Philippe. The old and beautiful workhorse. Flew many of them. 5 stars.
Alan Hume
I do wish contributors would give the Basler BT-67 due recognition on this website and stop referring to them as DC-3s. They really aren't after the substantial modifications made to them, which includes a complete airframe overhaul, aerodynamic improvements to the wingtips and leading edges, structural modifications, including lengthening of the fuselage, and new systems that improve reliability. The end product is essentially a new aircraft, so why not recognise it as such.
Looking Majestic.
Alan Hume, I think that isn’t a Basler conversation. Think it’s a South African modified DC3, it had the standard PT6 exhaust stacks rather than the BT-67 ducted exhausts the exit at the back of the nacelle.
Darcy Parker
Those look like very different engines. Mind you I';m not expert.
The Basler doesn't come with drop tanks/bombs under the wings.
Christian Nye
Right you are Darcy. Those are turbos that replaced the the old radial engines. A company in the US Midwest was knwn for doing many f the change outs, but I would need to rely on my old A and P buddies for the details.
Love this picture!!!
marylou anderson
Very nice composition! Love the colors.
John Alford
It lacks the R4D wingtips of the Basler. It’s a Greenwich/Dodson conversion. Detailed article here: Lee County Mosquito Control DC-3C-TP
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