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Man who pointed laser at aircraft lands a 30-month prison sentence

New York (CNN) -- A judge in California has sent a strong message to anyone who thinks that pointing lasers at aircraft is just harmless fun 'n' games. U.S. District Judge Stephen V. Wilson sentenced a 19-year-old man on Monday to 30 months in federal prison for shining a laser pointer at a plane and police helicopter, according to a news release from the U.S. Attorney's Office, which prosecuted the case. ( Altro...

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greenbaron 2
"Gardenhire had no idea that the deceptively ordinary laser he had borrowed from a friend was powerful enough to be seen by, much less distract, a pilot thousands of feet away," wrote attorney Sean Kennedy.

Really? What other reason could he possibly have had to do it, then?
30 years is right judgement .
Good! the little b_____d got exactly the sentence he should have. Saying that he didn't intend to hurt anyone is indicative of a part of society who takes no responsibility for their actions. Guess he thought Mommy and Daddy could bail him out of this one. He now has a FEDERAL prison sentence on his record that will affect him for the rest of his life. Maybe this will send a strong message to others attempting the same foolishness. Are there warnings on the packaging when someone purchases these things? Maybe they should add " WARNING. Pointing at aircraft can get you a free ride to FEDERAL prison"
I think this a classic example of why parents need to teach right and wrong better. Today, people think silly little things like this is just fun and games and is a big prank, but fail to realize just how dangerous it is to do something like this.

But, who am I kidding, with the way parents defend their kids actions nowadays, more incidents like this are bound to happen and with disastrous consequences.
WTuck 2
Glad to see they are finally cracking down on this. Got one right in the windshield one night on short final. I reported it to the tower and I saw the police chopper going up a few minutes later when I was buttoning up the plane. Not sure if it was for that but made me feel good.
I don't think they would have found him with just shinning it in the Cessna...What made him get in jail was the stupid mistake of shinning it in a police helicopter!!
Im not justifing what he did at all.
One thing to mess with a civilian, another with a cop. Your probably right.
Got to get me a bad ass laser to carry in the plane so I can return fire. Seriously, that dude bought himself a load of grief.


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