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Not a B747-200. This A/C is a 747SP-J6
John Giambone
Pure Kick-azz! Great Shot Justin!
Eric Shepherd
My buddy's SP; he's got another one just like it. They both fly out of CYMX. Flying test beds for Pratt, one is former KAL the other China Air Lines.
john cook
What is the difference ?
Art Troutman
The SP version of the 747 has a foreshortened fuselage [barrel sections sliced out - fore & aft of the wing (to maintain balance)]. This results in lower gross weight [fewer pax/less cargo], but same fuel load. Hence, much longer range than the conventional 747. Pan Am was the primary customer. Lockheed did much the same thing with their conventional L1011 TriStar - the -500 long-range version. British Airways was the primary customer of the L1011-500. Some of them ended up in the RAF, who used them as an aerial refueling tanker, and to supply personnel and supplies on the long haul to the Falkland Islands during the Falklands War with Argentina. The Brits just retired the last one of them.
Amazing and beautiful capture !!!
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