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Boeing 707-300 — - USAF E-3 Sentry in the pattern at Tinker AFB.
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Boeing 707-300 —


USAF E-3 Sentry in the pattern at Tinker AFB.


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David Seider
Rhetorical question: WHY on earth were the USAF E-3s not given new engines like the French and RAF (?) Sentrys?
Penny wise, and pound foolish.
Larry Horton
Curious about flight characteristics. Anybody flown one? How does that big rotating antenna affect lift? Seems it would be like carrying a big umbrella in a wind storm.
robert cook
Salute to the US Armed Forces! oh and a nice shot also.
Joe Ward
Talked to an aircrew member and the issue with the rotodome is more about CG and the antique large computer in a box is needed to keep the aircraft CG from being to far back.
serge LOTH
@davidseider: this is a good question... may be too expensive to replace By the CFM56... (fuel saving and endurance anyway)


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