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Boeing 777-200 (JA745A)



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wow! great shot
Jose Lauzardo
The greatest shot I've seen!
Dwight Hartje
WOW! One of the best I have seen!
What an awesome photo!
martin adams
I've never seen this kind of shot before. ******
What gear did you use to take this? Looks amazing. If I would guess, it looks like you took it @ f/9 or f/11. Maybe 1/60 shutter speed and tungsten white balance?
Incredible nice shot
Sunil Kurian
Beautiful picture!
susie kuppen
amazing picture! love it!
Kyle Davies
Good shot, but I've seen this same kinda shot over and over...
john cook
What's the glow in the engines all about?
wow!!!the best picture
Fidel Mendez
Outstanding picture.
masaki sakakoshiPhoto Uploader
Thank you for your many comments
masaki sakakoshiPhoto Uploader
to Masrur Mahmood

Shooting data is Canon EOS-1DX f/4.5 1/5 shutter speed ISO6400 white balance 2800K
@japanjeff... those are the afterburners. ;)
Wow!!! IlIkE <3
Dan Little
Beautiful photo :)
this will be hard (impossible) to beat!
Richard Myers
Beautiful picture, love the colors and the glow.
This would make a great poster.
Joao Ponces
Indeed, a perfect moment!
Leo Beloussow
Max G
Nice backdrop!
Alan Joseph
Where can I buy this photo and for how much?
Minh Nguyen
I use this picture as my desktop background! great shot!
Mark Thompson
Beautiful, the glow of the rear engine pods.
Len Vanover
Awesome picture quality.
John Marotta
Charles Peele
I simply don't understand what is the big problem with IDing the Air Line. Great shots are memorable for what they also say. I have afeelinfg this might be Japanese---but I wouldn't bet the farm on it.
Charles Peele >>> You can safely bet the farm this time. The airline is "All Nippon Airways". Photo was taken at Osaka International according to the uploader, Masaki Sakakoshi.
Mr Masaki Sakakoshi.Awesome picture, perfect visually delightful.
Henrik Leons
Brian Elling
Spectacular image.

I don't think it is a real photograph, but the image is a wonderful rendition.
Nice afterburners!
Rob Wilson
I always wondered what caused this effect, as far as lighting conditions and temperature etc.. I think I recall seeing it on a JT-8D once.
super WOW
Frannie Sorrells
Excellent photo. Since people have asked--the orange glow inside the engine is from glowing hot metal heated by combustion gasses. I'm guessing the temperature is around 650C˚ The color of the glow gives the approximate temperature. The exhaust then cools rapidly on exiting the combustion chamber/ turbine as it mixes with the bypass air. If you ever walk past the tail of a large jet engine just after the engine is shut down you can feel the radiant heat. Don't do this while the engine is running....you'll understand why not pretty quickly!
Amazing picture ! <3
Mark Weiser
very well done!
Don Norris
Outstanding. You capture the essence of flight, and of night. Wow.
Jonah Crosby
so cool
Daniel Hirsch
Steven Hill
I have this as desk top picture on my computers there are many many great shots on this site but this one is amazing.
Steven Hill
Ready for blast off !
Steven Hill
This photo should be front page !!
Desideri una ricerca completa dello storico di JA745A dal 1998? Acquista adesso. Lo riceverai entro un'ora
Data Aeromobile Origine Destinazione Partenza Arrivo Durata
29/nov/2020 B772Int'l di Osaka ()Tokyo-Haneda () 18:13 JST 18:53 JST 0:39
29/nov/2020 B772Tokyo-Haneda ()Int'l di Osaka () 16:17 JST 17:08 JST 0:51
29/nov/2020 B772Int'l di Osaka ()Tokyo-Haneda () 14:21 JST 15:00 JST 0:38
29/nov/2020 B772Tokyo-Haneda ()Int'l di Osaka () 12:20 JST 13:14 JST 0:53
27/nov/2020 B772Fukuoka ()Tokyo-Haneda () 17:28 JST 18:41 JST 1:13
27/nov/2020 B772Tokyo-Haneda ()Fukuoka () 14:43 JST 16:20 JST 1:36
25/nov/2020 B772Naha ()Tokyo-Haneda () 13:19 JST 15:10 JST 1:50
25/nov/2020 B772Tokyo-Haneda ()Naha () 09:37 JST 12:02 JST 2:25
24/nov/2020 B772Int'l di Osaka ()Tokyo-Haneda () 16:16 JST 16:58 JST 0:41
24/nov/2020 B772Tokyo-Haneda ()Int'l di Osaka () 14:16 JST 15:04 JST 0:47
24/nov/2020 B772Fukuoka ()Tokyo-Haneda () 11:24 JST 12:33 JST 1:08
24/nov/2020 B772Tokyo-Haneda ()Fukuoka () 08:52 JST 10:21 JST 1:28
23/nov/2020 B772Hiroshima ()Tokyo-Haneda () 20:50 JST 21:52 JST 1:02
23/nov/2020 B772Tokyo-Haneda ()Hiroshima () 18:32 JST 19:42 JST 1:09
23/nov/2020 B772Chitose ()Tokyo-Haneda () 15:49 JST 17:10 JST 1:20
23/nov/2020 B772Tokyo-Haneda ()Chitose () 13:21 JST 14:28 JST 1:07
21/nov/2020 B772Ishigaki ()Tokyo-Haneda () 15:49 JST 18:07 JST 2:18
21/nov/2020 B772Tokyo-Haneda ()Ishigaki () 11:48 JST 14:35 JST 2:46
19/nov/2020 B772Int'l di Osaka ()Tokyo-Haneda () 16:16 JST 17:09 JST 0:53
19/nov/2020 B772Tokyo-Haneda ()Int'l di Osaka () 14:20 JST 15:06 JST 0:45
19/nov/2020 B772Fukuoka ()Tokyo-Haneda () 11:16 JST 12:36 JST 1:19
19/nov/2020 B772Tokyo-Haneda ()Fukuoka () 08:43 JST 10:08 JST 1:24
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