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Lockheed C-130 Hercules (16-5313)


usn c-130t 165313 taxing for dep from shannon 15/10/16.


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If I were a military orginazion I would be sure to include the C-130 Hercules in my fleet. It does a fantastic job of moving freight.
USN? What does the USN do with C130's? I know, haul cargo and people, but they have the USMC Hercs for that. Why USN Hercs?
David Cochrun
I don't know about this aircraft but I flew ski equipped C-130s in the Navy's VXE-6 Antarctic Development Squadron in the 70's
Gerry Mitten
I travelled in these beauties in the South Pcific, Aussie and South East Asia, fantastic planes.Once on a remote island called Atiu where our RNZE squadron were building a harbour we had a good deal of equipment air dropped to us from heavy engineering plant to newspapers in the 70,s
Edward Lehman
This picture reminds me of a Sunday at tackikawa AFB (no longer exists). While sitting in the control tower, a C-130 wanted to try windmill starting an engine. There was very light traffic and we approved it. However, the pilot of the C-130 under estimated the length of the runway and ran off the runway into a muddy field. It took a day to tow the C-130 back to the airbase.
The navy uses C-130 to support the Blue Angles team
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