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McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom 2 (87-8409)
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McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom 2 (87-8409)



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Alan Hume
Nifty camouflage scheme. What's that about?
Kazuyuki TaniguchiPhoto Uploader
Thank you for your comment. sorry,I don't know ther puropose, but this corps duty is are many experimental for aircrafts so It may be part of it. but I think very cool!?
sorry my english not good thank you
Doug Zalud
Digital. Cool.
Great Relish camo.
Carl Keil
The country insignia is that of Japan. Note production serial number, 87-8409, 25 years of production by McDonald Douglas (now Boeing) - over 5000 built. Obviously Japan was ahead of their time with digital camouflage - now widely used. Remember what the Captain said when interviewed in SEA about the Phantom's performance. Had the US Phantom been given the upgraded P&W engines it would have been a match for the vertical performance of the F15 which is how in a close in dogfight the F15 could escape. Carl - F4 WSO '71-'83.
Kazuyuki TaniguchiPhoto Uploader
Thank you for your kindly & follow comments.
JASDF(JAPAN AIR SELF DEFENSE FORCE)has about 100 F-4Phantom. But those are planning to chang to F-35 in the near future. That'smissing
Sorry my english not good.
Very cool!
ramdan zehani
belle bete le f-4 phantom
David Ingram
Loved to watch these birds. The local Reserve guys at WPAFB were real pros with these. I thought the low smoke engines for the recees might save them for awhile, but active flying in AF is over.
Great picture! I would love a picture of the P-1 in the background.
Minecraft camo?
Dave Mathes
...totally be-atchin!...when you think the flying brick couldn't look any better, along comes digital camo...outstanding!...
Dave Mathes
Kazuyukisan, anata no eigo wa subarashidesu.anata no shashin mo sodiso.
Please forgive me if that came out poorly.
ken kemper

Awesome F-4 Photo

Thank you for your nice comments on my Oshkosh B-29 Photo that you left severalmonths ago !!

Take care my friend in Japan.
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