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Airbus A320 (N642NK) - Fast & low
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Airbus A320 (N642NK)


Fast & low


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Ace Doger
That is a cool shot
Sam Sampson
Must have been a fighter pilot...
serge LOTH
Forgot the gear!!
Interesting? Something you don't see often - low altitude; flat attitude & gear up?
Doyle Kaufman
I agree adelma. It almost looks like a fly-by at an air show.
Either it is an illusion or the gear was cropped of the delta in the background!
Great shot!
It sure looks like an air show fly by. The Delta Mad Dog's rear landing gear is present, but blurry and appears to be on red jack stands. The front nose gear is gone, but you clearly can see a yellow jack stand holding it off of the ground. No fake, in my layperson opinion. Nice pic.
Okay, just to end the speculation about this very nice photo.
MSP does not do airshows, MAC, the airport authority does not allow it at all. I can't explain the reason for the fly-by though. Maybe Brian has some additional comments about this photo, that might help.
The Delta Regional jet is a Bombardier CRJ, not an MD.
It is not on jacks at all, it's on an active taxiway, most likely Papa. What you are looking at are orange cones and a yellow runway edge light stand.
The reason you can't see the CRJ gear very well is the fact that the runway is a few feet higher than the taxiway and ramp. Major runways are crowned and grooved for drainage.
Deltas maintenance hangar is in the background and this Airbus is over runway 30R near the threshold. Brian shot this photo from Fort Snelling on the perimeter of the north side of the airport, you can see the razor wire fence in the photo.
Again, Brian shot a very unusual and nice photo.
(tower) "Yeah, we confirm it - your gear is up!"
Go-around perhaps?
What a great shot!
Desideri una ricerca completa dello storico di N642NK dal 1998? Acquista adesso. Lo riceverai entro un'ora
Data Aeromobile Origine Destinazione Partenza Arrivo Durata
03/lug/2022 A320Int'l di Los Angeles ()Int'l di Nashville () 19:06 PDT 00:49 CDT (+1) Schedulato
03/lug/2022 A320Int'l di Dallas-Fort Worth ()Int'l di Los Angeles () 16:53 CDT 17:51 PDT Schedulato
03/lug/2022 A320Int'l di Los Angeles ()Int'l di Dallas-Fort Worth () 10:45 PDT 15:23 CDT Schedulato
03/lug/2022 A320Int'l di Nashville ()Int'l di Los Angeles () 07:24 CDT 09:07 PDT Schedulato
02/lug/2022 A320Int'l di Los Angeles ()Int'l di Nashville () 19:06 PDT 00:49 CDT (+1) Schedulato
02/lug/2022 A320Int'l di Los Cabos ()Int'l di Los Angeles () 14:14 MDT 15:14 PDT In volo
02/lug/2022 A320Int'l di Los Angeles ()Int'l di Los Cabos () 09:39 PDT 12:41 MDT 2:01
02/lug/2022 A320Int'l di Oakland ()Int'l di Los Angeles () 06:08 PDT 07:02 PDT 0:53
01/lug/2022 A320Int'l di Chicago O'Hare ()Int'l di Oakland () 22:08 CDT 00:19 PDT (+1) 4:11
01/lug/2022 A320Int'l di Los Angeles ()Int'l di Chicago O'Hare () 14:38 PDT 20:00 CDT 3:21
01/lug/2022 A320internazionale di Houston ()Int'l di Los Angeles () 12:05 CDT 13:00 PDT 2:54
01/lug/2022 A320Int'l di Los Angeles ()internazionale di Houston () 05:38 PDT 10:34 CDT 2:55
30/giu/2022 A320Int'l di Port Columbus ()Int'l di Los Angeles () 18:47 EDT 20:10 PDT 4:23
30/giu/2022 A320Int'l di Los Angeles ()Int'l di Port Columbus () 10:24 PDT 17:21 EDT 3:56
30/giu/2022 A320Int'l di Las Vegas ()Int'l di Los Angeles () 08:39 PDT 09:20 PDT 0:41
29/giu/2022 A320Int'l di Oakland ()Int'l di Las Vegas () 21:21 PDT 22:29 PDT 1:07
29/giu/2022 A320John Wayne ()Int'l di Oakland () 19:05 PDT 20:05 PDT 0:59
29/giu/2022 A320Int'l di Las Vegas ()John Wayne () 17:05 PDT 17:45 PDT 0:39
29/giu/2022 A320internazionale di Houston ()Int'l di Las Vegas () 06:14 CDT 06:57 PDT 2:42
28/giu/2022 A320Int'l di Orlando ()internazionale di Houston () 19:01 EDT 19:57 CDT 1:55
28/giu/2022 A320New Orleans Intl ()Int'l di Orlando () 14:32 CDT 16:56 EDT 1:23
28/giu/2022 A320Int'l di Chicago O'Hare ()New Orleans Intl () 11:37 CDT 13:24 CDT 1:46
28/giu/2022 A320Myrtle Beach Intl ()Int'l di Chicago O'Hare () 08:39 EDT 09:24 CDT 1:44
27/giu/2022 A320Fiorello LaGuardia ()Myrtle Beach Intl () 19:08 EDT 20:32 EDT 1:23
27/giu/2022 A320Myrtle Beach Intl ()Fiorello LaGuardia () 16:25 EDT 17:49 EDT 1:23
27/giu/2022 A320Manchester Boston Rgnl ()Myrtle Beach Intl () 12:58 EDT 14:54 EDT 1:55
27/giu/2022 A320Myrtle Beach Intl ()Manchester Boston Rgnl () 09:46 EDT 11:32 EDT 1:46
26/giu/2022 A320Newark-Liberty ()Myrtle Beach Intl () 18:51 EDT 20:02 EDT 1:11
26/giu/2022 A320Myrtle Beach Intl ()Newark-Liberty () 15:40 EDT 17:05 EDT 1:24
26/giu/2022 A320Int'l di Chicago O'Hare ()Myrtle Beach Intl () 11:40 CDT 14:20 EDT 1:39
26/giu/2022 A320Myrtle Beach Intl ()Int'l di Chicago O'Hare () 08:33 EDT 09:21 CDT 1:47
25/giu/2022 A320Fiorello LaGuardia ()Myrtle Beach Intl () 18:41 EDT 20:00 EDT 1:18
25/giu/2022 A320Myrtle Beach Intl ()Fiorello LaGuardia () 15:59 EDT 17:27 EDT 1:27
25/giu/2022 A320Manchester Boston Rgnl ()Myrtle Beach Intl () 13:04 EDT 14:50 EDT 1:45
25/giu/2022 A320Myrtle Beach Intl ()Manchester Boston Rgnl () 09:52 EDT 11:42 EDT 1:49
25/giu/2022 A320Fiorello LaGuardia ()Myrtle Beach Intl () 06:56 EDT 08:18 EDT 1:21
24/giu/2022 A320Int'l di Nashville ()Fiorello LaGuardia () 20:34 CDT 23:26 EDT 1:51
24/giu/2022 A320Int'l di Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood ()Int'l di Nashville () 17:46 EDT 18:41 CDT 1:55
24/giu/2022 A320Int'l di Nashville ()Int'l di Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood () 13:34 CDT 16:21 EDT 1:46
24/giu/2022 A320Fiorello LaGuardia ()Int'l di Nashville () 11:08 EDT 11:54 CDT 1:45
24/giu/2022 A320Myrtle Beach Intl ()Fiorello LaGuardia () 08:26 EDT 09:59 EDT 1:32
23/giu/2022 A320Newark-Liberty ()Myrtle Beach Intl () 18:34 EDT 19:48 EDT 1:14
23/giu/2022 A320Myrtle Beach Intl ()Newark-Liberty () 15:27 EDT 17:01 EDT 1:33
23/giu/2022 A320Int'l di Chicago O'Hare ()Myrtle Beach Intl () 11:27 CDT 14:04 EDT 1:36
23/giu/2022 A320New Orleans Intl ()Int'l di Chicago O'Hare () 07:53 CDT 10:01 CDT 2:08
22/giu/2022 A320Int'l di Orlando ()New Orleans Intl () 22:08 EDT 22:21 CDT 1:12
22/giu/2022 A320Arnold Palmer Rgnl ()Int'l di Orlando () 18:39 EDT 20:24 EDT 1:44
22/giu/2022 A320Int'l di Orlando ()Arnold Palmer Rgnl () 15:35 EDT 17:31 EDT 1:56
22/giu/2022 A320Int'l di Louisville ()Int'l di Orlando () 12:16 EDT 13:55 EDT 1:38
22/giu/2022 A320Int'l di Orlando ()Int'l di Louisville () 08:26 EDT 10:06 EDT 1:39
21/giu/2022 A320New Orleans Intl ()Int'l di Orlando () 19:49 CDT 22:09 EDT 1:19
21/giu/2022 A320Int'l di Orlando ()New Orleans Intl () 18:12 EDT 18:32 CDT 1:19
21/giu/2022 A320Int'l di Dallas-Fort Worth ()Int'l di Orlando () 13:29 CDT 16:46 EDT 2:16
20/giu/2022 A320Int'l di Detroit ()Int'l di Baltimora-Washington Thurgood Marshall () 09:39 EDT 10:43 EDT 1:03
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