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Boeing B-29 Superfortress (N69972) - Superfortress of the Skies at Oshkosh 2018.........Doc
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Boeing B-29 Superfortress (N69972)


Superfortress of the Skies at Oshkosh 2018.........Doc


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Tim Marks
Ken, fantastic photo, love that it is in black and white, very classic.
ken kemperPhoto Uploader
Thank you Tim........

just looked better in B&W
Bill Butler
I almost see another thousand of 'em! What a shot!
Don Lynch
Nice. R3350, 3500hp.

Lots of pistons going up and down (72).
Fred Ogden
What shutter speed did you use to get the props to appear smeared like they would be with a film camera? Did you have to do anything special?
ken kemperPhoto Uploader

I am just using 1/250" of a sec. I will do a manual shutter speed. I did some at 1/125" of a second and they tended to have the plane look a bit blurred.
My late father-in-law did more than 55 missions over Korea in one of those.
ken kemperPhoto Uploader

Thank you for sharing. Your father-in-law did duty above & beyond....rest his soul. And I bet he had time in the Boeing B-50 with the bigger engines.

Happy New Year !!
Imagine how the hearts of our poor POW's skipped a beat to see hundreds of those bad boys coming in low and raining fire and destruction on their captors! Gives me goose bumps. Hats off to the greatest generation.
Petro WISE
Beautiful! First ever fully pressurized high altitude bomber. Cost more to develop in WW2 then the “Bomb”.
bob reeves
Beautiful !!!
ken kemperPhoto Uploader
Mike Mullin...…

I think your summary sums it up best...………..
I can hear the roar of the engines as it approaches, passes overhead, and then fades in the distance. Lovely photo of an old bird, thanks so much for this one, Mr. Kemper.
ken kemperPhoto Uploader

You are most welcome / thank you for your kind photo comments & great description !
Any time I see and hear just one of these Monsters I am in total awe.
It's Hard to imagine hundreds of B29s in the air over Germany.
My Uncle was a gunner and survivor of a B29 shot down over Germany.
Beautiful picture, especially in Bland and White.
William Hudspeth - The Boeing B-29 never flew against targets in Germany nor even in the ETO. It was used by the USAAF in the Pacific theater of war against targets in Japan.

Your uncle was likely a crewman on a B-17 or B-24 if he was shot down over Germany.
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Data Aeromobile Origine Destinazione Partenza Arrivo Durata
25/lug/2021 UnknownKalamazoo/Battle Creek Intl ()Gerald R Ford Intl () 17:00 EDT 17:23 EDT 0:22
25/lug/2021 UnknownKalamazoo/Battle Creek Intl ()Kalamazoo/Battle Creek Intl () 11:14 EDT 11:44 EDT 0:29
25/lug/2021 UnknownKalamazoo/Battle Creek Intl ()Kalamazoo/Battle Creek Intl () 09:01 EDT 09:31 EDT 0:30
24/lug/2021 UnknownKalamazoo/Battle Creek Intl ()Kalamazoo/Battle Creek Intl () 10:58 EDT 11:28 EDT 0:29
24/lug/2021 UnknownKalamazoo/Battle Creek Intl ()Kalamazoo/Battle Creek Intl () 08:54 EDT 09:24 EDT 0:29
22/lug/2021 UnknownBurke Lakefront ()Kalamazoo/Battle Creek Intl () 15:57 EDT 17:10 EDT 1:13
22/lug/2021 UnknownBurke Lakefront ()Burke Lakefront () 10:48 EDT 11:19 EDT 0:31
22/lug/2021 UnknownBurke Lakefront ()Burke Lakefront () 09:04 EDT 09:35 EDT 0:31
21/lug/2021 UnknownBurke Lakefront ()Burke Lakefront () 17:46 EDT 18:15 EDT 0:28
21/lug/2021 UnknownBurke Lakefront ()Burke Lakefront () 10:51 EDT 11:20 EDT 0:29
21/lug/2021 UnknownBurke Lakefront ()Burke Lakefront () 08:57 EDT 09:25 EDT 0:28
19/lug/2021 UnknownCincinnati Muni ()Burke Lakefront () 12:29 EDT 13:42 EDT 1:12
18/lug/2021 UnknownCincinnati Muni ()Cincinnati Muni () 17:17 EDT 17:53 EDT 0:36
18/lug/2021 UnknownCincinnati Muni ()Cincinnati Muni () 11:11 EDT 11:47 EDT 0:36
18/lug/2021 UnknownCincinnati Muni ()Cincinnati Muni () 09:11 EDT 09:48 EDT 0:36
17/lug/2021 UnknownCincinnati Muni ()Cincinnati Muni () 18:21 EDT 18:55 EDT 0:33
17/lug/2021 UnknownCincinnati Muni ()Cincinnati Muni () 17:00 EDT 17:31 EDT 0:31
17/lug/2021 UnknownCincinnati Muni ()Cincinnati Muni () 12:55 EDT 13:29 EDT 0:34
17/lug/2021 UnknownCincinnati Muni ()Cincinnati Muni () 11:18 EDT 11:51 EDT 0:32
15/lug/2021 UnknownCincinnati Muni ()Cincinnati Muni () 14:21 EDT 14:53 EDT 0:32
15/lug/2021 UnknownTerre Haute Intl ()Cincinnati Muni () 12:12 EDT 13:10 EDT 0:58
14/lug/2021 UnknownTerre Haute Intl ()Terre Haute Intl () 11:21 EDT 11:56 EDT 0:35
14/lug/2021 UnknownTerre Haute Intl ()Terre Haute Intl () 08:52 EDT 09:30 EDT 0:37
13/lug/2021 UnknownTerre Haute Intl ()Terre Haute Intl () 13:53 EDT 14:28 EDT 0:34
13/lug/2021 UnknownTerre Haute Intl ()Terre Haute Intl () 12:20 EDT 12:55 EDT 0:35
12/lug/2021 UnknownSt Louis Rgnl ()Terre Haute Intl () 16:42 CDT 18:35 EDT 0:52
12/lug/2021 UnknownSpirit of St Louis ()St Louis Rgnl () 13:08 CDT 14:24 CDT 1:15
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