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Antonov AN70 built in the Ukraine.
Interesting. Thanks for posting.
It is an an unusual configuration for sure
Jakub Bialek
Best of a machine!
Mario Brumini
really nice picture
Beautiful photo and airplane super. Glory to Ukraine!
bill Hanley
Wow. Is that thing very practical? Does it function as planned?
Nice pic of the best julienne fries maker in the world
Luc Barbier
Propellers or meat grinder? (:-)
Why 2 contra-rotative propellers ?
Ken Hardy
lots of leading edge prop deice
What is the purpose of having so many?
Anas Iqbal
Amazing. Mesmerizing props.
Nice picture...Thanks !!!
Purpose is to minimize prop disk diameter, presumably to improve ground clearance, maybe engine spacing, too. But complexity, control, and weight increase. But for presumed operating profile objectives, maybe rougher fields, perhaps it suits a special slot, or the engineers just wanted to see if they could do it!

Can you imagine feathering? Little clearance, and deice appears to be three level electic boots. 12 scimitars per engine. Look out birds, here we come, giant bird slicers, ehhh?

Having said that, they do some nice work, in the Ukraine, and seem to think up some interesting designs.
Jon Barber
There are actually 14 blades per engine. The front prop has eight blades while the back prop has six.
421 knots! The An-70's structural life is designed to be 45,000 hours over 15,000 flights.
Interessante...belíssima foto.
Parabéns!!!..Belíssima foto.


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