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Boeing 747-400 (G-CIVR) - December 2015 over South Boston
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Boeing 747-400 (G-CIVR)


December 2015 over South Boston


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davesheehyPhoto Uploader
A different angle of this 747 that I meant to post years ago.
Amazing shot
davesheehyPhoto Uploader
Thanks Johnathan.
Beauty, I had only one experience since today to fly with this plane and Airways. From London to Tokyo and in Business Class. Just fantastic. Thanks for sharing this nice photo.
Steven Palmer
Today 19th March 2019 i.e. 2 years ago precisely, I flew DXB-LHR BA106 on a B744 G-CIVV (sister ship to 'VR' in the photo).
A relatively routine flight as B744s operated this flight (1 of 3 LHR-DXB-LHR daily rotations), and I preferred this flight due to its timing which was approx mid-day out of DXB, so it meant an unrushed morning trip to DXB followed by a calm check-in and then a couple of red wines in the BA Lounge.
Little did I know at that particular moment in time that would be my last flight in a BA B744 and it will almost certainly have been my last flight in any jumbo, and 'journey' that had started more than 41 years earlier on a BOAC B747-100 from LHR to Barbados and on their very first 'jumbo' G-AWNA too. What a fantastic journey and what memories, having flown on B747-200s, B747-300s and even the B747-SP, all marks except the B747-8.
Perhaps, just perhaps, there maybe one more 'swansong' with Lufthansa or Korean when the world returns eventually to some kind of normality .................... One can hope and dream.
Luiz Vieira
Fantastic shot!
Luiz Vieira
Fantastic shot
jim garrity
Bring back the "QUEEN"!
davesheehyPhoto Uploader
Thank you all for the photo comments and memories.
Alan Hume
Somehow the B-747 really suited the BA livery ... it just looked British! Superb!
These days I see a whole bunch of these wonderful aircraft parked up at Kemble Airport, UK; BA, KLM and others, with their engines already removed and awaiting to be broken up by ASI, who are also on-site. So sad to see so many of the incredible aircraft that were taken for granted and now to be used as cargo, or in most cases used to help prop up China's appetite for scrap metal...
Darryl Sarno
Great shot of the Queen's approach to BOS Dave!
davesheehyPhoto Uploader
Thanks Darryl!
Tom Vance
Great detail........flaps etc... 5x
Darryl Sarno
Majestic shot Dave!
Andrew Wilson
Brilliant photo, but am I missing something? what's that hanging from the left wing between No2 engine and the fuselage?
Andrew Wilson, just the inboard slat and it's structure, you're looking at it lengthwise.
Andrew Wilson
Thanks Jim, I've been looking and looking at it and still couldn't work out what it was, now I can see it's the underside of the slats, thanks for solving my riddle. How the eyes can play tricks on you...
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