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Boeing 747-400 (G-BYGC)


The first ever BAW Retro 747 coming out of the paint shop in Dublin. Stunning.


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C.W. Reed
5 stars for the "Speedbird"! Thanks so much for posting this SFO! Cheers!!
SFOSpottingPhoto Uploader
Thank you, CW!
Greg Byington
Very nice!
Viv Pike
Looks just like Stuart Bailey's photo - unless of course, you are Stuart Bailey.


Nice pic, nonetheless ...
BOAC's first B747-100 had its first flight on March 14, 1971. BOAC became BA in 1974.
SFOSpottingPhoto Uploader
Thank you all for the nice comments!
Fantastic photo ..and paint.
Curtis Smith
Nice! And fresh from the paint shop!!
Great photo of the Queen!
great shot!
My first ever flight was on a 747 from Ohara to Atl-
SFOSpottingPhoto Uploader
2k likes and 49 votes! U guys are awesome ;)
Viv Pike
But is it your photo? Just asking if you took the snap.
SFOSpottingPhoto Uploader
@VivPike- Yes it is my own, I edited the quality slightly since I used my crappy sony camera. There were a lot of other photographers there, sorry if it looks similar to others, I'm not stealing others photos.
Viv Pike
@SFOSotting - if you say so, I will take your word for it. It is just incredible that both of you took the pic at exactly the same instant, looking at the stride of the person just ahead of the nose gear. https://airwaysmag.com/airlines/live-british-airways-celebrates-centenary-with-boac-livery-photos/
@Viv, a lot of photos on this account are the exact same as on the trip reports from the site 'onemileatatime', so obviously they must be a blogger on that site or just happen to be next the blogger on his worldwide travels and somehow pull off the exact same shots? I guess it's possible...
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