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Boeing 747-200 (N780BA)



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C.W. Reed
Just outstanding, Nathan! Over the top 5 stars++++++++++! Cheers!

Nathan CervantesPhoto Uploader
C.W thanks bro
C.W. Reed
Very welcome, Nathan!

Throw some seats in it, and we can bring more sick people back from China.

What? Too soon? :-D
But I have to say, seeing it live in Seattle was impressive. WOW!!! What an amazing, and capable plane. It can hold so much. The Guppy is pretty darned amazing too.
Gavin Hughes
Old 747s don't die, they just get transformed:). Great shot Nathan.
Great Shot Nathan!
ken kemper
Tremendous pic Nathan...………..
Where's the 6-star button? We need one for this pic. :)
It’s a -400, the winglets caused a flutter when they were first developed, so Boeing decided to remove them. It’s not as if the design is very streamlined. I know, I know....it’s an ugly little spud. (I used to fly it).
Mark Hanneman
Hmmmm... wonder if she yanks and banks like an F-22? ;-) Beautiful shot Nathan!
Al Bauer
Excellent Shot
Impressive bird. Fantastic!
Derek Ripley
Great shot. I loved snapping this guy when it would come in for landings when I lived in Everett.
Curtis Smith
747-400 LCF
jesse kyzer
Boeing 747-400 Large Cargo Freighter (LCF)
Alan Hume
That's what the Queen of the Skies looks like when she's pregnant with her progeny, the B-787. What a magnificent platform the B-747 has been, carrying not only millions of pax around the globe, but space shuttles, space telescopes, other aircraft and even the POTUS and other Heads of State. And it is now becoming a tremendous freighter, with its high-set cockpit allowing it to gobble up large items through its wide gaping mouth. In this new role it will fly on for many years to come. Is it not the most significant airliner of all time?
Cole Neill
yea, that white elephant's flight path is just miles my home coming and going. Inbound, I can hear it by the time it has barely made feet dry! Soon after takeoff it lumbers upwards with moans and groans like no other. Dream on Boeing.
Vinny Barbin
WOW! I didn't know that there was a 747 guppy. Has to the biggest 747 config to date.
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Data Aeromobile Origine Destinazione Partenza Arrivo Durata
01/lug/2020 BLCFSnohomish County ()Int'l di Miami () 18:09 PDT 02:22 EDT (+1) 5:12
01/lug/2020 BLCFCharleston Intl/AFB ()Snohomish County () 12:41 EDT 14:42 PDT 5:00
01/lug/2020 BLCFMc Connell Afb ()Charleston Intl/AFB () 04:53 CDT 08:03 EDT 2:09
30/giu/2020 BLCFSnohomish County ()Mc Connell Afb () 20:37 PDT 01:25 CDT (+1) 2:47
29/giu/2020 BLCFInt'l di Seattle-Tacoma ()Snohomish County () 20:11 PDT 20:33 PDT 0:21
29/giu/2020 BLCFCharleston Intl/AFB ()Int'l di Seattle-Tacoma () 15:11 EDT 17:10 PDT 4:58
29/giu/2020 BLCFCharleston Intl/AFB ()Snohomish County () 15:11 EDT Dirottato
27/giu/2020 BLCFMc Connell Afb ()Charleston Intl/AFB () 11:10 CDT 14:22 EDT 2:11
27/giu/2020 BLCFCharleston Intl/AFB ()Mc Connell Afb () 07:30 EDT 09:06 CDT 2:35
26/giu/2020 BLCFSnohomish County ()Charleston Intl/AFB () 17:09 PDT 00:43 EDT (+1) 4:33
26/giu/2020 BLCFCharleston Intl/AFB ()Snohomish County () 11:34 EDT 13:43 PDT 5:08
26/giu/2020 BLCFMc Connell Afb ()Charleston Intl/AFB () 03:56 CDT 06:58 EDT 2:01
25/giu/2020 BLCFSnohomish County ()Mc Connell Afb () 19:42 PDT 00:39 CDT (+1) 2:56
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