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BOEING 787-10 Dreamliner (PH-BKG)
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BOEING 787-10 Dreamliner (PH-BKG)



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Park em if you can find a good spot !
ken kemper
Really nice photo & effect Jereon
George Bures
Valet parking? (;o)
Just goes to show you that even multi-million dollar aircraft will get towed and impounded when airlines don't pay the parking violations and move the vehicle.
KLM is notorious for standing up to local-yocals trying to get over on them, and, WILL NOT PAY the towing and fines which only total $125 for each aircraft.
Appreciate you KLM!
Gavin Hughes
Any thought perhaps that they are being safely towed to parking spaces because they're grounded due to the COVID19 situation?
Great idea! How much money are they saving not having to use jet fuel for two large engines.
Robert Cowling
I think the idea is that it's better to have them towed than be under power because it's more precise, and also they are moving slower. It's not about 'cost', but more about liability. Plus wear and tear.

I remember commenting on Northwest, and Delta, (the only two operators I was familiar with) using reverse thrust to back out the DC's and MD's at airports, and wondering why they stopped doing it. It was explained that it was a 'wear and tear' issue, and also addressed the noise, but it likely was the former more than the later.
Robert Cowling
I'm just amazed at the height of those tails! Wow...
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Data Aeromobile Origine Destinazione Partenza Arrivo Durata
22/gen/2022 B78XRio de Janeiro-Galeão ()Amsterdam-Schiphol () 21:15 -03 11:43 CET (+1) 10:27
22/gen/2022 B78XAmsterdam-Schiphol ()Rio de Janeiro-Galeão () 11:15 CET 18:33 -03 11:17
22/gen/2022 B78XInt'l Jomo Kenyatta ()Amsterdam-Schiphol () 02:05 EAT 07:56 CET 7:51
21/gen/2022 B78XAmsterdam-Schiphol ()Int'l Jomo Kenyatta () 14:17 CET 23:52 EAT 7:34
20/gen/2022 B78XRio de Janeiro-Galeão ()Amsterdam-Schiphol () 21:21 -03 11:57 CET (+1) 10:36
20/gen/2022 B78XAmsterdam-Schiphol ()Rio de Janeiro-Galeão () 11:14 CET 18:30 -03 11:15
19/gen/2022 B78XAtlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson ()Amsterdam-Schiphol () 17:08 EST 06:41 CET (+1) 7:33
19/gen/2022 B78XAmsterdam-Schiphol ()Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson () 10:28 CET 13:21 EST 8:52
18/gen/2022 B78XInt'l Julius Nyerere ()Amsterdam-Schiphol () 02:48 EAT 09:39 CET 8:50
18/gen/2022 B78XKilimanjaro Int'l ()Int'l Julius Nyerere () 00:26 EAT 01:06 EAT 0:39
17/gen/2022 B78XAmsterdam-Schiphol ()Kilimanjaro Int'l () 11:04 CET 20:52 EAT 7:47
16/gen/2022 B78XInt'l Jomo Kenyatta ()Amsterdam-Schiphol () 01:34 EAT 07:30 CET 7:55
15/gen/2022 B78XAmsterdam-Schiphol ()Int'l Jomo Kenyatta () 12:31 CET 21:49 EAT 7:17
14/gen/2022 B78XInt'l di Los Angeles ()Amsterdam-Schiphol () 14:03 PST 08:49 CET (+1) 9:46
14/gen/2022 B78XAmsterdam-Schiphol ()Int'l di Los Angeles () 10:25 CET 11:49 PST 10:23
13/gen/2022 B78XInt'l di Toronto-Pearson ()Amsterdam-Schiphol () 18:23 EST 06:44 CET (+1) 6:21
13/gen/2022 B78XAmsterdam-Schiphol ()Int'l di Toronto-Pearson () 14:06 CET 15:28 EST 7:21
13/gen/2022 B78XInt'l Jomo Kenyatta ()Amsterdam-Schiphol () 01:01 EAT 06:30 CET 7:28
12/gen/2022 B78XAmsterdam-Schiphol ()Int'l Jomo Kenyatta () 12:45 CET 22:24 EAT 7:38
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