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Ilyushin Il-62 (EW-450TR)
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Ilyushin Il-62 (EW-450TR)



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ken kemper
Love it Jereon !!
Greg Byington
Impressive shot!
whaow is this a safe plane ...?
Russians love those windows, must be noisy in the cockpit.
G Zorbas
Very nice photo, thanks for posting it Jeroen. It brings back memories of the Vickers VC10.
Leon Kay
Nice photo. I must agree that this Russian aircraft looks very similar to the British Vickers VC 10. As children we were very impressed to watch the VC 10 aircraft that first lifted the front section at an angle before taking off. This was totally new to us as the only Jet Liner that visited our local South African airport before that were the Boeing 707's that used to lift off gradually.
This one is apparently set up for cargo. When they came out in 1962 63, they were the largest passenger plane in the world (according to Wikipedia) I flew several times in these planes,Toronto to Ukraine. We referred to them as flying school buses. On one memorable occasion we began to descend to land in Toronto, when the ceiling of the passenger compartment began to drip profusely, almost like rain. We deducted that frost had formed on the inside of the fuselage and was now melting as the ambient temperature began to rise. This no doubt could have caused electrical problems. Thanks for listening.
honza nl
@Gilles Plourdeabout

this was not the worlds biggest airliner (the Tupolev Tu-114 was bigger), it was the biggest jet-airliner.


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